10 Creative Posters That Will Make You Want to Go Vote! | 2019 Elections

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To begin with, the largest democracy in the world, had about 66.38% of voters turn out ratio in 2014. Also considered as highest ever in the history of Indian general elections.

India’s 900 million voters will take part to vote for its new government at the center in April this year. However, various data suggest that India is behind several countries when it comes to the voting turn out ratio.

We are missing out on something.

Isn’t it??

The first priority of the Election Commission is to conduct a Awareness Campaign, ask people take pledge to go out and vote. In this Social Media era, this shouldn’t be a tough task at all.

This process of creating awareness among people should start even before the election dates are announced. The campaigns should be organized in coalition with the civic entities, actors, across all the media platforms – which sell their ad spaces.

This elections, approximately 15 million voters will be voting for the first time within the age group of 18 – 19 years.

The educational institutions should motivate students to cast their valuable vote. Besides they have the power to make a significant impact in shaping the elections.

Here is small initiative from SAKKATH life to create awareness among people to go vote on the big day. These creative posters will make you want to go vote. If you guys find it thoughtful, then please do share this article.

Take a pledge to go out and vote.

10 Creative Posters That Will Make You Want to Go Vote!

Break the Daily Routine

go vote

No Excuses.

go vote


go vote

It’s Simple

go vote


go vote
The election dates in karnataka state

Prove It!

elections 2019

It Does Matter

go vote

Get Inked!

go vote


Elections 2019

That’s It!

elections 2019

In Conclusion, be heard! express yourself. Stop what you’re doing and make sure you go out and vote!

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