June 20, 2024

Here are 12 Famous North Karnataka Slangs – Enjoy Madri

To begin with, there is no need for an introduction to the North Karnataka Slangs or the dialect.

We all enjoy when one of our friends talk in this dialect. As Bengalureans, we find it hard to understand this slang.

However, do you want to know what made us compile the 12 famous North Karnataka Slangs??

Here it is, Read on!

A friend of mine recently moved to Namma Bengaluru, he found it very tough to control NK slang. Here is an incident where he unknowingly uttered this word “Huchsulemagne sari le”, after which a small fight broke out.

This word seems to be very casual in North Karnataka. It does not offend anybody. On a casual tone, it is a kind of “buddy’s slang”, likewise people in NK try to attach this word in every possible sentence.

This language is unique especially when we add an adjective to the main word. For instance, Churk (sharp) – to praise a person people use Kett churk or Bhaal churk le ava.

To summarize, people of North Karnataka are known for the unique style of Kannada, the culture, traditions, way of life.

The 12 Famous North Karnataka Slangs

1. En Pa Dosta?

The Most commonly used phrase in North Karnataka. For instance, when you meet your friend the first thing you ask is “En pa dosta?”.

2. En Nadsi/Madlikatti le?

This phrase is a conversation starter. For example, when you approach a person in middle of something, you shall ask him en madlikatti le?

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3. Yaav Le Nee?

When your friend speaks nonsense, the response would be Yaavn le nee in North Karnataka dialect.

4. Yen Haap Adi Le?

5. Aki Hesr Enu?

6. Sooti

7. Dheed

8. Benki Aiti!

9. Mashkiri

10. Ragad

Is an emotion for North Karnataka people.

11. Beriki

This phrase is used to express a thought about a particular person. For instance, Bhal beriki edana ava.

12. Khodi

Take a moment and think about it, when was the last time you have used it or heard your friends using these slang?? Do let us know in the comments below!

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