12 Random Tweets About Monday That Are Hilarious AF!

Monday is here.

To begin with, why do we feel like going through the weekdays is like traveling on a Maruti 800 or a Nano – super slow and steady with no excitement at all. Besides, on the weekends is like traveling on a Ferrari – it’s super-fast, full of enthusiasm.

We’ve all been there.

By the way, 2 days are not at all-sufficient.

However, we can survive a dry day but not Mondays.

Monday is all about having infinite cups of coffee, questioning your existence, suffering the Bengaluru’s worst traffic.

Going through the boring first-hour lecture, cribbing about our job and whatnot.

Surviving on a Monday is quite a tough task.

Isn’t it???

In conclusion, can we beat the Monday Blues??

How do you guys overcome your Mondays? Do let us know in the comments below.

Here are 12 Random Tweets About Monday That Are Hilarious AF!

We hope you liked it!

The tweets may help you to wear a smile on a Monday morning.

All the best.

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