June 20, 2024

13 Vintage 2 Wheelers That Ruled The Streets of Bangalore in the ’90s

Have you ever found yourself going on nostalgic trip??

Yes, you heard it right!

Get ready

To begin with, how of many of you guys can remember the hum of the engine sound, the feel of the wind in your hair, sitting right in front of your dad. In addition to this, you were the happiest of all and just enjoyed the ride on the 2 wheeler.

Think about this for a moment. As I would share my memory with the 2 wheeler that my dad owned which ruled the streets of Bangalore back in 90’s.

A leather jacket, Ray-Ban glasses, especially his Hero Honda CD 100 bike and a little kid(that’s me). Going to school, going out with dad, we all just waited whenever we could get a chance to go on a ride on those 2 wheelers.

We all have been there.

Many of us would have traveled on Bajaj Chetak with our dad or on a Kinetic Honda with our mom. Hence, those memories are just irreplaceable and these 2 wheelers deserve a special place in our childhood.

We have grown up seeing these 2 wheelers and dreamt of owning them one day. Right?

Here are 12 Vintage 2 Wheelers That Ruled The Streets of Bangalore in 90’s

Let’s jump right in

1. Hero Honda CD 100

The First Four Stroke Bike of Our Country.

Source: CarandBike

2. Yezdi

The most popular model was the Yezdi Roadking. By the way, known for its Active Racing.


3. Bajaj Chetak

Chetak is named after a legendary horse of the Indian warrior Maharana Pratap.

4. Yamaha Rx 100

5. Suzuki Samurai

Source: srikany

6. Bajaj Priya

The Bajaj Priya was a Three Speed, 150cc Scooter.

90s 2 wheeler
Source: Team BHP

7. Rajdoot

Rajdoot was much more affordable as compared to the Bullet and the Yezdi.

Source: MouthShut

8. Kinetic Honda

9. Royal Enfield

Most Iconic motorcycle brand of the country.

Source: Royal Enfield Motorcycles

10. Bajaj Sunny

Bajaj Sunny was India’s first ladies bike with an automatic gearbox. It could carry a load of 120kg.

11. Hero Puch

12. Hero Honda Sleek

Launched in 1989. Later Sleek was redesigned and relaunched as Splendor which was marketed as high fuel efficiency 2 wheeler.

13. Jawa

Jawa is a Motorcycle and Moped manufacturer founded in Prague. Got it’s name after combining the first two letters of Janecek and Wanderer.

Finally, how many of these 2 wheelers do you guys remember??

We’d all love to go on a ride on them once again.


Hope you enjoyed this nostalgic trip.

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