April 25, 2024

17 Minimalist Posters That Brilliantly Illustrate The Branches of Engineering

To begin with, have you ever found yourself wondering how many branches exist in engineering despite being an engineer?

Be honest, we have all been there. Right?

Well, for others you can just scroll and praise their creativity.


Here is the Instagram page by name “The Minimalist“. They have created minimalist posters of different types of engineering branches.

But hang on a minute, you might be shocked after reading this, there are 40 branches in engineering degree.

Did you know this?

So without wasting any time, check this out!

17 Minimalist Posters That Brilliantly Illustrate The Braches of Engineering

1. Agricultural Engineering

2. Aerospace Engineering

3. Biotechnology Engineering

4. Chemical Engineering

5. Chemistry Engineering

6. Civil Engineering

7. Computer Science Engineering

8. Electronic Engineering

9. Energy Engineering

10. Textile Engineering

11. Information Engineering

12. Marine Engineering

13. Mathematical Engineering

14. Mechanical Engineering

15. Metallurgical Engineering

16. Mining Engineering

17. Engineering Physics

Source: The Minimalist

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Stay tuned for more such creative articles.

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