Everybody is excited to go on a road trip isn’t it, that too with our friends and family and i’m sure that we’ll have a ball of a time on that roadtrip.

Planning with our friends is very thrilling, but on a lighter note most of the time one or the other friend backs out giving some reasons. Does It happen in your every gang too? Do comment if it has ever happened.

Well if the plans is all set and you are heading out on a road trip, then you must have a look at these 5 not so obvious guidelines.


First things first – the routine, where you get to read everywhere

The car checklist

  • Make sure to top up / replace oils, coolant.
  • Check the headlights – the most important, wipers.
  • The tyers, keep an eye on the fuel meter.
  • It is a must to carry all your car documents.

These are the most common things that you get hear from your family or friends.

In this blog, you get to read the 5 not so obvious guidelines before you head out for a road trip.  

Always Carry a Spare Key

It’s important to carry a spare key of your car, incase something goes wrong, ie, if the car key gets lost or you forget the original keys inside the car and it might get automatically locked.

In these kinds of situations always a spare key comes handy but you shouldn’t keep them in the glove box or in a bag stored in the boot.  Don’t carry both the keys together, make sure you hand it over to a fellow passenger.

Spare Key - Road trip

Avoid using Google Maps in a  new city

This is purely out of experience, firstly we wouldn’t know how the roads are, you will have to blindly follow the maps. I know google maps will show the shortest route to your destination but in some cases you’ll end up on a narrow road where cars can’t even pass through(this has happened to me a quite a few times) or you might come across the below situations.

  • One way’s aren’t mentioned in google maps.
  • You’ll end up to a dead end.
  • Maps shows the shortest routes that are less taken, which even the locals don’t recommend.

The best way is to reach out to the locals for directions or even a confirmation from the locals is the best option to save your travel time.

Google maps - ROAD TRIP
Source: Twitter

Preserve the Toll Receipts

To be on a safer side, it’s recommended to preserve the toll receipts till the end of your roadtrip.

Incase if you are stopped by the local authorities for driving an out of state registered vehicle, the toll receipts can save and prove that you are passing through the state and not a resident of the state.

Toll receipts are just another line of defence, other than your DL and car documents.

Follow Traffic rules

The most important thing is to follow traffic rules, yes most of us don’t follow – accept it. It’s the fact.

Far away from home, you wouldn’t want your license to be seized by the traffic police right?. Also some states might have particular rules that you are not aware of.  

Follow Traffic Rules - Road Trip

Stay Alert

This brings us to the last point in this article. We all know that india has one of the most dangerous in the world.

  • You can see vehicles coming in wrong direction.
  • People crossing on the highways.
  • Animals jump out of nowhere all of a sudden.
  • The vehicles changing the lane abruptly.

So you got to stay alert every moment while driving.

To wind it up, keep your ego aside avoid unnecessary fights, be calm & patient.

Remember you are on a holiday with your family or friends, not spend time at the hospital or the police station.

Have a sakkath road trip with your friends or family & drive safe.


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