May 24, 2024

9 Moments From Weekend With Ramesh with Roaring Star Sri Murali

Weekend with Ramesh Season 4 Episode 9 was with Sri Murali. Besides this, the first thing you remember when you hear Sri Murali is this epic movie ‘Ugramm’ especially the character Agastya. Probably the best comeback movie for a star in Kannada film industry.

Mr. Ramesh Arvind is back with a brand new episode this weekend, and it was none other than with Roaring Star.

Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham Nirisimham Bhishanam Bhadram Mrutyur Mrutyum Namamy Aham

“Vishuvina Thalme Irali Aadare Narasimhana Kopa Maribeda.”

So without wasting any time lets get into it.

9 Moments From Weekend With Ramesh with Roaring Star Sri Murali

1. Nostalgic

To begin with, straight into the show Murali was on a wonderful trip down the memory. The cradle from his childhood days. Hats off to the research team of WWR.

weekend with ramesh
Source: Zee5

2. The Precious Moment

Undoubtedly parents are the most important and influential people in everyone’s life. Likewise, even Mr.Murali explains the bond that he shares with his parents especially with his mother.

S. A. Chinne Gowda – his father shares some of the childhood memories of Kamanabillu movie in which Murali was seen with Dr.Rajkumar in a song.

weekend with ramesh
Source: Zee5

3. His Childhood Memories

His brother Chinnari Mutha Vijay Raghavendra and his sister Veena shares the childhood memories and the bond they share then and even now.

The childhood memories, for instance, Dr. Rajkumar naming murali as Kyathe Murali for his naughtiness. The school day memories, Music and Dance classes.

First Crush incident was hilarious.

childhood memories
Source: Zee5

Murali with his school teachers.

weekend with ramesh
Source: Zee5

4. Seshadripuram College Days

The most memorable days that one can experience, are the college days. These memories are priceless and precious. The Weekend tent had a lot of stories to convey.

Mr. Murali describes it as the most colorful days.

weekend with ramesh
Source: Zee5

You got to see this episode to know more about the “Gilli Gilli” gang and their combined study stories.

5. First Film Chandra Chakori

In the first place, the debut movies are always the most cherishable memory for any actor. But in his case, the film turned out to be a super hit. Furthermore, the movie had a whopping 500 days of theatrical run. Also, the only movie to have run for such a long number of days after Bangara Manushya.

chandra chakori
Source: Zee5

6. Share’s his Love Story

weekend with ramesh - murali s love story
Source: Zee5

7. The Story Before Happening of the Cult Movie Ugramm

With straight 8 to 10 flops. Every actor undergoes his own ups and downs. Likewise, Mr. Murali shares the tough times that he had gone through. The important lesson learned from his hard times is to wait for the beauty to happen in our life patiently.

Source: Zee5

8. The Hardship Faced While Making The Ugramm

The director Prashanth Neel shares how it all started and all the struggles that the team went through during the making of Ugramm. Moreover, we all know the other side of the story – the success of the movie, the great comeback of Roaring Star Murali.

9. Picture Perfect

weekend with ramesh
Source: Zee Kannada

In the meantime, you can check the first episode of Weekend With Ramesh Season 4 – 8 MOMENTS FROM WEEKEND WITH RAMESH WITH SHRI DR. D.VEERENDRA HEGGADE

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