A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee – CCD Fans Share Their Fond Memories.

Cafe Coffee Day

#RIPSiddhartha. The saddest day for the world of coffee. Our Coffee King, founder of Cafe Coffee Day is no more with us. 

The Indian Coffee King legacy stays on forever and ever.

Condolences poured in as the country was shocked to see this tragic death of VG Siddhartha. This is the most disturbing and mysterious incident.

These memories shared by people on social media tells us the kind of impact that Cafe Coffee Day made on their lives.

Here are Some Fond Memories

A former employee who shares his story to Puneeth BA about how working at CCD changed his life.

The cab driver today I met started discussing the missing of CCD’s founder Siddhartha. He was sad and told me that he left to work in the morning today a little early ‘coz he couldn’t sit and watch the media coverage on the big news. I asked him why and he started sharing a brief story of his working at one of the CCD outlets. He was feeling sad only because he feels he owes a lot to Siddhartha and his company. He shared with me on how he learned to speak in English only after working there and how he could better his economical condition to an extent and take that experience to move forward in life. 

I was only thinking of how easily in a hurry to take credit to our own abilities and talents many times we forget the enablement the organizations and people we work for doing to our lives. The way entrepreneurs and org. leaders touch on so many people’s lives is a story much beyond the businesses and the money they run for. It’s more of one human enabling the other and a looping reverse.

With all this, Siddhartha’s ‘found’ letter is extremely depressing and sad if that is to be the real reason for his missing case. If this is true, then it’s scary and a strong warning to a whole lot of our wannabe “entrepreneurial” gen. to make right moves!

Shares his memory of getting his first job.

In India, we only had tea stalls with benches. He probably created the phenomenon of coffee shop meetings in an AC setup with free WiFi, TV, in this part of the world.

My fond memories @ CCD: 
– Got my first job when I met my boss for an interview at CCD. Yes, my first interview was an informal chat at a coffee shop.

– Tuition class at a coffee shop during my engineering. Everybody comes there to chill, I went there to study.

Indeed, A lot can happen over coffee!


Your work will live on to tell the world you didn’t fail.

Om Shanti! @Venkatrangan Gokul

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