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8 Finest Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore for Wholesome Meals 

Bengaluru is a foodie city. It offers many world cuisines, the best Chinese, Indian, and American food, and delicious desserts. But one of its most exciting offerings is Andhra-style delicious banana leaf meals and biryani. Bangalore has some of the finest places to try Andhra-style food. Check out our article’s list of the top Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. 

These spicy meals have a savory aroma of the land in them, and they’re full of spices that will pop up in your head enough to make you want to take a bite out of them. Well, a wholesome Andhra meal will lead to a perfect afternoon nap. Perfect right?

8 Andhra Restaurants in Bangalore 

1. Bheema’s 

One of the iconic Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. 

For a taste of authentic Andhra cuisine, this is a must-visit. You feel majestic and regal in the ambiance! For vegetarian and non-vegetarian Andhra dishes, Bheemas are renowned. Choose your preferred meal, and the starters, you can try both veg/non-veg—worth going for lunch or dinner if you enjoy Andhra cuisine. Here, biryani is also well-known.

Address: Church Street, Bengaluru.

Google Ratings: 4.1 stars

andhra restaurants in Bangalore

2. Nagarjuna Restaurant 

It will undoubtedly be more intriguing if served with thuppa and rice, sambhar, dal Pappu, curd, palliya, and rasam. It tastes fantastic and has tremendous spice heat, evident from the first bite. The food is also excellent, ranging from Chicken Biryani to South Indian meals to various North Indian dishes (both vegetarian and not). Some people can customize their meals so that they can choose spicy options. 

Address: Multiple branches across the city. 

Google Ratings: 4.1 stars

3. Andhra Ruchulu – One of the best Andhra Restaurants in JP Nagar / Jayanagar, Bangalore

Veg and Non-Vegetarian Starters are fantastic and delicious at this multi-cuisine restaurant. The cuisine of Andhra Ruchulu, including Andhra Meal, Sholey Kebab, Lemon Chicken, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Chilli Chicken, and others, is relatively well-known. There is unanimous praise for the ambiance, menu, customer service, and staff.

Address: JP Nagar & Jayanagar. 

Google Ratings: 4 stars 

4. Subbayya Gari Hotel 

One of the legendary hotels with cuisines from Kakinada and East Godavari is now one of the people’s favorite Andhra restaurants in Bangalore. You must try real Andhra Butta Bhojanam here at namma Bengaluru. It includes 32 dishes, such as rice served in a bamboo bag, dal, pickles, sambar, gunpowder vegetables, buttermilk curry, punugulu curry, jackfruit biryani, and many more. This dinner comfortably serves three to four people. At about Rs 400, it’s a great price. 

Address: Marathahalli, 1, ITPL Main Road, 4th Main Rd, near Shell Petrol station, E Block, AECS Layout, Brookefield.

Google Ratings: 3.9 stars

subbayya gari hotel

5. Hotel Annapoorna

Is the best of the best Andhra restaurants in Bangalore.

One of Bangalore’s historic eateries, Annapoorna, is well-known for serving Andhra cuisine. For those who adore Andhra food, it is an actual carnival. A platter of Ragi Sangati, Pappu Charu Annam, Ulavacharu Soup, and sour pickles is all you need to make your stomach smile. 

Address: 122, 6th Cross Rd, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru. 

Google Ratings: 4.2 stars

6. Royal Andhra Spice

Possibly the Excellent location to sate your craving for Yummy Biryani. I want to give the setting, cuisine, service, and employees a perfect score. Nothing in the world could please you if the Andhra Carrier meals offered here don’t. One of the most popular Andhra restaurants in Bangalore after Nagarjuna.

Address: HRBR Layout & RR Nagara

Google Ratings: 4.1 stars

andhra restaurants in Bangalore

7. Nandhana Palace – The largest chain of Andhra restaurants in Bangalore

Are you seeking a straightforward Andhra Bhojanam? Go straight to Nandhana Palace, which serves white rice, gunpowder, ghee, akkura Pappu, vepudu, sambar, rasam, majjiga pulusu, perugu, fried chilies, appalam, unique pachadi, gongura pickle, mango pickle, and a dessert. This eatery is non-vegetarian heaven.

Address: Multiple branches across the city. 

Google Ratings: 4 stars 

8. Meghana Foods

The ideal location for Andhra-style biryani. The starters are delicious and spicy in the manner of Andhra cuisine. Quite pricey, but the cuisine makes you forget about the prices. It is a fantastic crowd favorite, and the place will be busy constantly, so it is best to arrive early if you wish to eat in. Vegetarians can try the starters or go along with friends.

Address: Multiple branches across the city. 

Google Ratings: 4.2 stars

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