June 20, 2024

Bengaluru Has Its Own Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park & It’s Sakkath

Wow! wait did you just read a rainwater harvesting theme park in Namma Bengaluru? You might ask where is it? Can we visit? For all these questions we have an answer, do read on!

Yes, it is Sir.M.Visvesvaraya Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park. The main purpose of this 1.5-acres lush green park is to spread awareness on how one can contribute to saving water and also to educate on the effective utilization of harvested water.

rainwater harvesting theme park
Source: BWSSB

This is one of the first rainwater harvesting theme park in India. Its a moment of pride for Bengaluru’s BWSSB to start this unique initiative which was need of the hour. The theme park was set up in the year 2011.

Source: TOI

It gets more exciting, this place has around 26 different types of rainwater harvesting models. Further, all you guys who have a plan of implementing rainwater harvesting at your home – this place is must visit. Moreover, it a small step towards saving this sakkath environment.

The rainwater harvesting theme park has a small auditorium to screen informative videos, working models, infographics, and an interactive Q and A division. Moreover, the Q and A division help to create awareness about water usage, rainfall patterns, and also a live demonstration of how a house should be equipped with rainwater harvesting.

Also, a demonstration of four elements of rainwater harvesting, a few simple ways to stop clogging of drains, recharge pits, water-wise landscaping and leaf slide filters.

rainwater harvesting theme park
Source: TOI

In fact, here’s what makes it more sakkath – you can have a look at 26 ways how one can save water. Also, some simple models on how to collect rainwater from the higher floors of the building into the underground tank.

Apart from these, there is plenty to learn for gardening enthusiasts on how to successfully grow a home garden with minimum water. You can also spend quality time in the amphitheater area along with the lovely environment which we usually don’t get.

So instead of watching those DIY videos on Youtube, head to this sakkath place to get few implementable DIY lessons.

Here is the location –

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