E Sala Cup Namde | A Quick Timeline Of RCB from 2008-2018

e sala cup namde

Fans of RCB are on toes to see their favourite team to lift the cup at least for once. This line E Sala Cup Namde has become an unofficial slogan for RCB from 2018. Besides this RCB always had their loyal fan base increasing year by year.

RCB has become an integral part of everyone’s life, thus heart-throb for every Kannadiga.

Be it win or loose, the fans have got their back, supporting them each and every time.

This year is even more exciting for the fans, especially the tournament opener is between RCB Vs CHENNAI SUPER KINGS on March 23rd, 2019.

Here is A Quick Timeline of RCB from 2008-2018

e sala cup namde

This catchline “E Sala Cup Namde” translates to this time, the cup is ours. This catchline was popular in 2018, even RCB had used it on verified Insta handle.

But where did it come from??

However, the credit goes to social media. Most of the fans of RCB started commenting ‘E Sala Cup Namde’ on every social media post which had made it viral.

By the way, no one knows who coined this term but Bangaloreans have gone mad over it. This time IPL is coming, E Sala Cup Namde seems to have caught fire all over social media again.

The RCB Insider Show hosted by Nograj aka RJ Danish Sait has made Virat Kohli and team say the slogan.

Surprisingly there is an Cafe in Bangalore with this catchline.

e sala cup namde
Source: Asianetnews

Hope at least this season we win the IPL cup.

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