June 20, 2024

Eat Raja – Amma Maadiddu. Bengaluru’s First Zero Waste Cafe in Malleshwaram

Eat Raja – India’s 1st Juice bar to serve juice in watermelon, muskmelon, sun melon, guava, apple, carrot, pineapple, cucumber, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, capsicum, chili. This Instagram bio says it all.

Eat Raja
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Wait! did you just read, it serves juice in the fruits itself??

Yes, you read it right. The fruit shell of watermelons, bananas, of course for that matter, every seasonal fruit is converted into cups instead of the normal plastic cups.

So you might ask what happens to the fruit shell after the use, right?

Well, Eat Raja has a solution for that too. Hence it’s the first zero-waste cafe. Here’s what they do – part of the fruit shells are fed to animals, also the citrus peels and other fruit scraps are used to make bio-enzymes, which in turn utilized to clean vessels, and floors.

Also, you guys might think what does Eat Raja do for straws?? Well, coconut leaves are the straws here or they provide steel straws. Wow, that’s interesting.

The last one, you might think who is that super innovative person doing all this??

Go ahead, read on

The first of its kind initiative is by an RJ. Yes, a Radio Jockey turned Entrepreneur who runs his family business. Interestingly, this juice shop is in the same place since the 1970s under the name Karnataka Travelling Centre and Fruit Juice.


It’s time to introduce that person, he is none other than Mr. Anand Raj. Further, this juice shop was named as Eat Raja – Amma Maadiddu a year ago, and also decides to make it a zero-waste cafe.

Guess what, this unique idea itself is attracting media channels to cover this story and also many customers through Instagram.

Anand Raj says

If change has to happen, it should begin with oneself 


The Story Behind the EAT RAJA

He tells the concept behind Eat Raja while speaking to NDTV “I decided on the concept of ‘Eat Raja’, which means whatever you will get here will be homemade. I also saw how the business used to generate a lot of waste earlier – be it in terms of cups, straws, PET bottles and carry bags. When I took over, I decided to get rid of this legacy of waste, and that’s how our journey from being a humble juice shop to becoming Bengaluru’s first zero-waste juice corner took place.”

In one of the Instagram posts – It says, The cafe is ” Zero Waste Joos, no cup needed, no staws needed. Further, no water needed, no sugar added, no wastage of water to wash. In addition to this, its 100 percent single-use, disposable, edible, compostable. Also, guilt-free, and adulterated with 100 % PURE LOVE.

The cafe also serves homemade food. This place encourages its customers to Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) and boxes for takeaway orders.

A must visit place if you are in and around Malleshwaram. The must-do activity for Bangaloreans.

Hats-off to Eat Raja.

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