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The Best 10 Famous Sweets In Bangalore, According to Locals, to Enrich Your Sweet Tooth

If you are visiting Bangalore or searching for authentic, traditional, and local sweets, then it is essential to know that these famous sweet in Bangalore are a must-try, and they are mouthwatering for sure!

From Mysore Pak, made with generous ghee, to the rich Badam Halwa and the delicious range of Ladoos(in the Kannada language, it is Unde), the diverse range of sweets available in Bangalore is unmatched!

The Best 10 Famous Sweets In Bangalore

1. Mysuru Pak

A classic sweet hailing from the beautiful city of Mysore, this delicacy is bound to bring on high sugar levels that will make you lusciously gooey after having this sweet. Also, quite famous in namma ooru. 

Mysuru Pak is made of gran flour, ghee, and sugar. Tastes heavenly. The best place to try is Venkateshwara sweets

famous sweets in bangalore
Source: starving.tummy/Instagram

2. Kayi Holige

When it comes to traditional South Indian Delicacies, ‘Puranpoli’ or the Holige is the king of them all. The kayi holige is made of flour, coconut, and jaggery. A function as delightful as this is an absolute necessity.

kayi holige famous sweets in bangalore
Source: savithaak/Instagram

There are many variations such as Bele Holige, Shenga(Ground Nut) Holige. The ghee on top of a hot holige is the most popular style to savor, making it delicious. The most famous place to try it are Holige Mane and VV Pura Food Street. 

3. Badam Halva 

It is a simple delicacy made from sugar, badam, khova, and ghee and cardamom powder to top it off. This process makes it the most famous sweet offering that many people crave here in Namma Bengaluru. Must try at New Modern Hotel, Bengaluru.

badam halwa
Source: Ghatotkatcha/Instagram

4. Kesari Bath

One of most famous sweets in Bangalore, made of Rava and ghee with pineapple flavor, is perfect when you savor it with the upma or uppitu. The combo is named chow chow bath.

This combo makes a perfect breakfast among the locals. Many darshinis are the master at making this dessert. Must try it at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar. 

famous sweet in bangalore
Source: starving.tummy /Instagram

5. Kajjaya 

A sweet and wonderful blend of rice, jaggery, and mixed and prepared hoorna with sesame seeds and fried in oil. This famous sweet was associated with many households during the Deepavali festival. 

famous sweets in bangalore
Source: nandita_nagachand /Instagram

6. Dumrot/Khasi Halva – One of the Famous sweet in Bangalore

Yet another famous Bengaluru delicacy that tastes so good that you will go on eating one after the other. The famous bakery named V.B. Bakery in Bangalore prepares this dish uniquely from sweet pumpkin. In addition to this, you can try it out in these places Sri Ram Vilas Sweets / Gundappa Sweets and Sri Venkateshwara Sweets.

kashi halva famous sweet in bangalore
Source: thindibeedhi /Instagram

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7. Rava Unde & Puri Unde( Puffed Rice Ladoo)

A popular household & famous sweets in Bangalore that one must try at any cost. The people of Bengaluru are big fans of these homemade sweets. So want to try them, all you have to do is ask your friend/colleague who is a native Bengalurean. Simple, isn’t it! Or else you can find it in Subbamma Angadi, Gandhi Bazar, Basavangudi.

famous sweet in bangalore
Source: hey_foodie_say_cheese & mystery_flavors_by_ar /Instagram

8. Halkova – Bangalore’s Most Famous Sweet

A popular 90’s kids’ favorite sweet. In the 90s, you couldn’t walk into a petty shop without seeing a box of these. We all still remember the days where it was a delicious treat on the way back from school. It was a sweet memory, and the taste is a fond reminder of a simpler time. If you ever want to take a trip down memory lane, try this sweet in the streets of namma Bengaluru.

90s kids' favourite sweet in bangalore
Source: gluttony_wanderlust/Instagram

9. Halbai 

Halbai is a traditional and delicious sweet from the regions of Mysore and Bengaluru. They make it from rice, jaggery, ragi and coconut, giving it a smooth taste reminiscent of milk. This sweet has a soft, slimy texture which makes the one of the perfect desserts to end any meal.

Source: food_o_dynamics/Instagram

10. Sajjappa

The people attribute the origin of Sajjappa, a traditional sweet available in Karnataka, to Bangalore/Mysore. The traditional Sajjappa Recipe involves making a dough of sooji, all-purpose flour, filling it with grated coconut, jaggery and deep-frying it. It has a unique taste not found anywhere else!

Source: saraswathiskitchen/Instagram

We all love to indulge in some tasty sweets from time to time, but it can be hard to figure out where to start with so many options out there. So whether you’re a newcomer to the city or a seasoned sweet-eater, no worries. We’ve rounded up the best ten famous sweets in Bangalore, according to locals. So go ahead and start your sweet tour. 

Featured Image Source – starving.tummy & Ghatotkatcha/Instagram

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