April 25, 2024

7 Reasons to Visit IKEA in Namma Bangalore! 

Finally, IKEA is in Namma Bangalore. Excited? The Swedish furniture giant opened its first store in Hyderabad earlier this year and followed it up with a second location in Mumbai. Now, Ikea is open for business in Bangalore from June 22. 

It’s time to mark your calendars and head to the store early to enjoy a fantastic experience. The store in Bengaluru is opening on June 22 2022. IKEA CEO will inaugurate the store, and Karnataka Chief Minister Bommai will be present at the event. 

Location of IKEA Bangalore 

The largest store is located at Nagasandra. The store is conveniently located near the Nagasandra Metro Station, making it easier for Bengalureans to visit the store. 

The Massive Store Size of IKEA Bangalore

The IKEA store, which will be 4.6 lakh square feet in size, will house 7,000 affordable, good-quality home furnishings and housewares that can be used to inspire customers to decorate their homes.

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7 Reasons to Visit IKEA in Namma Bangalore! 

1. Food Food Food 

Bengalureans find another food destination to visit. The world-famous food hall is now in Namma Ooru(city) too. The store will have a thousand-seat restaurant and a cafe serving Swedish and Indian delicacies. Watch out for your favourite food blogger’s feed for must-try recommendations. A famous dish here is meatballs.   

Did you Know – According to statistics, 30% of customers visit IKEA stores to dine at IKEA’s restaurant. 

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2. Instagram Worthy Perfect Shots/Reels 

People and influencers love taking selfies/reels to post them on social media. But what if you could take a selfie/reel with the perfect background and lighting? IKEA Bangalore lets you capture the moment and bring back memories through social media. This is precisely what brands want through social media. When you head there for window shopping, you are bound to take selfies/reels with different backgrounds with perfect lighting and upload them. Boom! Instant viral when lakhs of people do that.

3. One Stop Destination for your Perfect Home, Room, Furniture 

IKEA is the perfect haven for couples. If you’re together, you can use the furniture to inspire you to decorate your future house. You can even get to know what the ideal dream house is for each other and then develop a plan on how you all can decorate your future house based on the IKEA style.

4. Price

IKEA’s reasonably-priced yet chic furniture is a big reason why the company attracts customers. The low prices are especially appealing to college students and anyone on a tight budget. IKEA saves money on storage and transportation by using flat packages to pass those savings on to their customers.

5. Simplicity & Style

Blending the concept of simplicity with style, the brand has a line of products that will enlighten your home with a variety of statement, custom, or minimalistic styles that can effortlessly organize your belongings. One can also find intelligent and quirky products for your every day use. 

6. Play Area – The Smaland in IKEA Bangalore

Smaland is a magical forest full of play and fun! A particular play area for the world’s most precious children. Smaland is a free play area for the convenience of customers who come to IKEA with their children. The play area are designed for children under seven years of age, and there is no age limit for adults. The Smalands are equipped with tables and chairs, toys, books, children’s clothes, teddy bears and other fun things. The children can freely play in the Smalands while their parents’ shop. 

Source: Ikea

7. The Perfect Day Out – Shop & Chill 

If you want to go for a family outing that’s new and exciting, consider taking a trip to an IKEA store near you!

IKEA is loved for its affordable, stylish furniture. But what many people don’t know is that it’s also a great place to take day trips! The store is located away from Bengaluru in the suburbs—meaning customers are more likely to make a day trip out of their shopping experience.

So visiting the store on the first day?? 

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