May 24, 2024

13 Interesting Facts About Engineering That You Must Know On Engineers Day

To begin with, Happy Engineers Day to every engineer out there. Engineers are always special in contributing to the nation, so here are few interesting facts about engineering.

There’s a famous quote for engineers that we all have might come across, if you are an Engineer yourself or you might have friends, cousins who would have shared it once they graduate.

Well, here it is

4 years, 8 semesters, 48 subjects, 200 exams, 500 assignments, few backlogs, 1000 of friends, memories, and fun. We are Engineers, done and dusted.

Just imagine this, if there is anything that is widely followed by people after religion, it’s Engineering. Also, India is called the land of Engineers.

Let us take a wild guess, we know you are an Engineer if you are reading this.

On this Engineers Day, India celebrates it as a tribute to one of the prominent engineer that we all have heard of. The most influential engineers from India. It’s none other than Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

That’s right, simple living and high thinking was his ideology. On this day here are some of the facts that everyone should know.

13 Interesting Facts About Engineering That You Must Know On Engineers Day

1. First Engineer in India

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was the first engineer in India. The government of Bombay recruited Sir M Visvesvaraya as Assitant Engineer in the department of public works.

Interesting Facts About Engineering

2. The First Female Engineer in India

How many of you guys know this??

A Lalitha is the first female Electric Engineer in India. Also, she was the first female student of CEG(College of Engineering), Chennai.

first women engineer in india

3. Mechanical Engineering

This branch in Engineering is called as Father, Mother, and King of all braches. To point out, students from this branch often say ‘We Are Royal Mech’.

4. The Founder of Engineering

The first civil Engineer of the world is Imhotep. He most likely planned and regulated the development of the Pyramid of Djoser (a Step Pyramid) at Saqqara in Egypt around 2630-2611 BC.


5. The First Female Engineer in the World

Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu is the first female Engineer in the world to receive a degree in Engineering.

Interesting Facts About Engineering

6. Telangana Engineer’s Day

This state celebrates the Engineer’s Day on the 11th of July as a tribute to Ali Nawaz Jung Bahadur and not on September 15th.

7. Highest Paid Branch in Engineering

In this case, Petroleum Engineering is the highest paid job in India and around the globe. In addition to this, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering are also in high demand.

8. Oldest Branch of Engineering

Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of Engineering.

9. It’s been 98 Years

In India Engineering was started in the year 1921 as Government Technological Institute.


10. Toughest Branch

Mechanical Engineering is the toughest branch. In this case, everyone would agree with this. Also, followed by Electrical and Chemical Engineering.

11. Computer Science

This branch is the most popular and favorite in Engineering among females.

12. Easiest Branch

Computer Science and Information Technology are easiest branches in engineering.

13. Some of the Notable Works of Sir M Visvesvaraya

  • He was the Dewan of Mysore state.
  • The chief architect of the Krishna Sagara Dam in Mysuru.
  • The mastermind for constructing roadways between Tirupati and Tirumala.
  • Flood Protection System for Hyderabad city.
  • He invented the block system – the automated doors for dams that close in the conditions of overflow.

These were some of the interesting facts that everyone should know.

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Once again

Happy Engineer’s Day

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