May 29, 2024

Here are 5 Podcasts that are Worth Checking Out

Podcasts are one of the most intimate ways to know your favourite content creator’s/individual’s journey. We all are internet dating, scrolling and consuming much content on social media daily. 

In addition to this, we all have our favourite creators. Their content is entertaining and exciting, but we’re limited to just seeing their content. 

Wait! We want to know more about the people behind the content we consume.

If you ask, is there a way to get a glimpse into their behind-the-scenes lives—like getting to know them on a more personal level?

Definitely yes!! There’s good news for you!

Thankfully, podcasts are the platform that you should head to right now! The in-depth conversations here are the best way to know about the life and journey of your favourite creators/individuals beyond their work/content. They talk candidly about their personal lives and struggles they’ve had along the way, and what inspired them to start creating the content that many of us love. 

Here are some of our favourites:

5 Podcasts that are Worth Checking Out About Our Creators

1. Nayaka With Vinayaka hosted by Vinayak Joshi

The show started in 2022, Kannada’s first of its kind experience. Vinayak Joshi hosts this Kanglish podcast. In this show, the host will speak with people who have impacted many lives. They could be actors, athletes, musicians, police officers, thinkers, and people known to the Karnataka state.

Watch it on YouTube. 

2. Maathu Katte with Skandyyman

Maathu Katte with Skandyyman is a candid Kannada podcast that lets you into the lives of your favourite creators. Each podcast features a special guest sharing their journey and participating in some fun conversations. It’s super fun, and you will enjoy it!

You’ll see Eshwar Go, Chey.tan and popular Baaju Mani Kaaku aka Sonu Venugopal and Kannada rapper Gubbi on the podcast.

Watch it on YouTube or listen to it on Spotify. 

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3. On the Personal Note hosted by Adarsh Sakre

In this podcast, Adarsh invites famous content creators and other noted personalities from various lines of work to talk about their personal lives and their journey. This podcast gives listeners a unique window into the lives of the favourite creators —and perhaps the listeners even get to learn something new about people they’ve never heard of before!

Some of the few famous guests on this podcast are Raghu Gowda, Anu Karagada, Vikas Badiger, Poorav, Vinayak Joshi and Suhas Navarathna. 

kannada podcast
Source: YT/Adarsh Sakare

Tune into it on YouTube and Spotify.

4. Against the Odds by Akash Damodaran

The conversations in these podcasts hosted by Akash take a deep look at some of the most captivating journeys and who were willing to take on the odds to achieve their purpose. This series of podcasts gives listeners inspiration and encouragement that they can do anything—they have to work hard, be wise, and look forward. 

against the odds
Source: YT/Akash Damodaran

Listen to it on YouTube, Spotify, Apple & Google Podcasts. 

5. Arali Katte

AraliKatte is a Kannada weekly podcast hosted by Mukund Ranga Setlur, Supreeth Karnam and Vasuki Raghavan. It offers a conversational style that’s leisurely, amusing and informative. 

kannada podcast
Source: FB/Arali Katte

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