June 20, 2024

7 Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Bangalore With a Spectacular View

Rooftop bars and restaurants are trendy in namma Bangalore nowadays. The contemporary design, tremendous view, and comfortable environment are the main reasons for the popularity of these places.

The traditional concept of the bar has changed in recent times. Rooftop bars are the best places to chill out with family and friends because of the fantastic view they offer.

The alcohol served here is available in a wide range of cocktails, beer, wine, etc. Here are some rooftop bars and restaurants in Bangalore that will make you want to go there right away!

These are some of the best places to visit after a hard day’s work and enjoy soothing music in an exotic setting with your loved ones.

The Seven Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Bangalore with an incredible sky view!

1. Once Upon A Rooftop At Jayanagar 

An incredible dimly lit rooftop ambience awaits you! Situated in Jayanagar 4th block, this restaurant offers a magnificent cityscape view of south Bengaluru. A perfect location to spend time in the evenings and enjoy the sunset and breezy moments in your neighbourhood.  

Google Reviews: 4.1 stars

rooftop restaurants in Bangalore

2. The Terrace at Windmills Craftworks – One of the Best Rooftop Restaurants in Bangalore

The Ambience – check. Excellent brewery – check. Mouth-Watering food – check. In addition to this, what makes it more interesting is the massive collection of books. So if you are visiting with the kids, you don’t have to worry. The atmosphere is one of the best here, and not many places come close to the experience you have in this place.

Google Reviews: 4.4 stars

3. Ebony  

A rooftop bar & restaurant in Bangalore providing a candle-lit dinner date ambience along with a fine-dining experience. Visit this place for the city’s best visual treat from the 13th floor. Bengaluru’s cityscape with densely packed trees is a sight worth seeing. The menu here is a bit on the pricey side but worth trying their delicious cuisines.

Google Reviews: 4.1 stars

rooftop restaurants in Bangalore

4. Float Rooftop Lounge

It has an open-air ambience with spacious seating and light music playing in the background. The airy and open feel of this place is superb, and one of the excellent rooftop restaurants in Bangalore unwind and chill. Overall, it’s a fantastic place, has a wide variety of options on the menu, and you will thoroughly enjoy the time here.

Google Reviews: 4 stars

5. TBC Sky Lounge – Best Rooftop Restaurant in Bangalore to Hangout During Office Hours!

Ambience- heavenly during the evenings with the perfect mixture of the music they play and cool weather. No words can describe it. This rooftop restaurant is one of the best places to have good food and casual conversation.

Google Reviews: 3.9 stars

rooftop restaurants in Bangalore

6. TreeTops Bar and Kitchen

Fantastic Ambience, cozy vibes! You will love their interiors. Highly recommend you all to give this place a try. You will surely love the food and their rooftop vibes.

Google Reviews: 4.1 stars

7. Chavadi

Chavadi offers a well-curated menu and a deck-seating under a partial bamboo shed with a central bar. This rooftop restaurant in Bangalore to spend the evening while you indulge in the fantastic food here and have long chats with your dear ones with the beautiful view of the open sky. 

Google Reviews: 4.1 stars

rooftop restaurants in Bangalore

Here’s a pro tip – make sure you book a table well in advance if visiting on evenings and weekends. 

The city is an exciting place to visit at any time of the year, and visiting one of these rooftop restaurants in Bangalore is one of the ways to experience the food culture. If you are planning on visiting the city soon, or are already here, be sure to check out these places.

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