These Sakkath Tweets About Bangalore Tells Whether You are Part of This City or Not!

GURU, How's Bangalore??

Yen Guru yeng ede lifeu? SAKKATH life guru, but erodu Bangalore ali. These tweets about Bangalore tells you how people residing here feel.

Well let’s get going

To being with, Beautiful city no doubt about it. People get lured for the huge chunk of opportunities and the lovely weather. But, the people residing here have a different story to tell. Be it expressing the true emotions towards this ooru(city), dealing with the problems, commuting around the city.

Here are some of the slogans

Once A Bangalorean is Always a Bangalorean!

You Can Take A Person Out of Bangalore, But Not Bangalore From His Heart!

Tweets about bangalore

Just moving in to this city, does not make you a true Bangalorean. There’s a criteria for it.

Well, netizens of Bangalore took Twitter to a whole new level, users started tweeting about their ooru(city), sarcastic experiences, witty one-liners and what not.

Have a look

These Sakkath Tweets About Bangalore Tells Whether You are Part of This City or Not!

Traffic – Unavoidable right??

All you guys have to do is fall in love with the traffic here in Bangalore. We guess that solves the problem.

Commuting in Bangalore using Public Transport

Wonandaff” should be made trending on Twitter. By the way for those who don’t know this, sorry to say – You are not a true Bangalorean.

This was back then when Metro was introduced and was functional only between Byappanahalli to MG Road.

Being a Foodie!

In Pub Capital of India

Party time!

Story of IT Employees in Namma Bangalore

Kannada Language

To sum it up, Bangalore is the best city to live in as we all know. Here is a final Tweet which describes it all.

Bangalore Rocks for Ever!! Cheers


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