June 20, 2024

9 Sunrise Places Near Bengaluru That You’ll Fall In Love!  

Sunrise, sunrise, sunrise! Want to take a peek at some of the most beautiful sunrise places near Bengaluru?

We’ve got you covered.

Suppose you’re tired of the city’s hustle and bustle but can’t bear to move away from it. You want to experience all that Bengaluru offers but don’t have time for those long drives! Sunrise Places Near Bengaluru will give you an extra mile to experience this absolute visual treat. If you’re in or around Bengaluru, we can help you find a beautiful place with fantastic sunrise views which are a short drive away from your home! 

9 Sunrise Places Near Bengaluru 

1. Nandi Hills By Steps

One of the most popular sunrise places near Bengaluru and people’s favorite ride/drive destination on weekends. 

No need for an introduction! A trek to the top of the hill, first thing in the morning is a must-do experience to get a glimpse of fantastic sunrise when you arrive early in the morning. A spectacular view with misty hills, lovely foliage, and the sunrise as the cherry on top! It makes sense why this location is on everyone’s list of must-see spots. Be sure to stay warm!

nandi hills sunrise viewpoint

2. Narayangiri Hills 

75 km from Bangalore is where you’ll find the boulders and caverns of Narayanagiri Hills. Narayanagiri Hills, among the many other sunrise locations, has some stunning views that can help you capture the ideal sunrise shots for your Instagram feed.

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3. Skandagiri

Being at the mountain, surrounded by lush vegetation and a peaceful ambiance, is relaxing, especially in the mornings. Additionally, the location is ideal for some fantastic sunrise photos. 

Sunrise Places Bengaluru

4. Kunti Betta Sunrise Trek 

It’s time switch to off road and travel the paths to Kunti Betta’s supreme beauty for refreshment. Trek up the hill to see a sunrise that will give you a new life.

5. MakaliDurga 

One of the lesser explored sunrise places near Bengaluru is Makalidurga. It will provide some of the most thrilling glimpses of captivating sunrise panoramas you have ever seen. It is a hill fort that is 1,117 meters high and is located in the Makali Reserve Forest. You’ll already be yearning to travel after searching for Makalidurga.

6. Turahalli Forest 

On the outskirts of Bangalore, close to Hosahalli, Vajarahalli Road, off Bangalore-Kanakpura Road, is where you’ll find Thurahalli Forest. The scenic beauty, sunrise view spots, and accessibility for cyclists from Bangalore have made Thurahalli forest well-known among Bangaloreans.

turahalli forest sunrise

7. The Secret Lake At Thattekere – One of the unexplored Sunrise Places near Bengaluru 

Another option is available for those who enjoy spending time outdoors! Many birds live in this round lake, including lapwings, bee-eaters, kites, storks, and kingfishers. Birdwatchers, get your cameras ready before you visit this Bangalore sunrise location.

8. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta 

Ranganatha Bilikal Swamy Located close to Kanakapura. It is situated 70 kilometers south of Bangalore. There is a temple honoring Lord Ranganatha Swamy atop the hill. Massive granite rock is a foundation for the temple. This hill provides visitors with a quiet morning in the lap of nature as it stands tall amid the verdant foliage and dense forest.

9. Kanva Dam

Kanva Dam is encircled by lush vegetation and chirping birds. One of the sunrise places near Bengaluru that you can not afford to miss, and the dam here makes the sunrise more alluring, which is situated about eight km off the Bangalore-Mysore Highway and roughly 70 kilometers from Bengaluru. While taking in the tranquility of the water body, catch the blue sky painted in the golden tones of the sun’s first light. 

Sunrise Places Near Bengaluru

So which of these sunrise places near Bengaluru will you visit with friends, gang/family? 

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