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This Quora Post is Another Example How Helpful Rebel Star Ambareesh Was!

Avanu Huṭṭustāne Nāv Huṭṭabēku Beḷistāne Beḷibēku Hoge Hāktāne Hākskobēku. This is a famous dialogue of Ambareesh aka Bulbul from the movie Drama.

This legendary actor will be remembered for his larger than life character, generosity, hospitality, and faithfulness towards friendships.


We all have heard how helpful he was to the people who are in need. Here is one such incident. A Quora user shares his experience with Mr. Ambareesh and some fond memories.

To begin with, the question asked on Quora was ‘What would Ambareesh (Kannada actor) be most remembered for?’

Girish Mallenahally’s answer to the above question is worth sharing with all of you guys.

Lets check out what he has to say about The Rebel Star Ambareesh

This Quora Post is Another Example How Helpful Rebel Star Ambareesh Was!

As narrated by Girish Mallenahally

As a kid, I was always fascinated by cars, so much so that I wanted to become an automobile engineer.

In fact, I did mechanical engineering to make a career in an automobile company.

There were very few automobile companies in Bengaluru and Toyota Kirloskar Motor company was the only company that was hiring big time. Applied almost every way possible to Toyota Kirloskar but there was never a response to my application even after several months.

I was shattered, but I never gave up the dream.

I had been told by an acquaintance in Bengaluru that there is one very powerful influencer and that I should meet with him if I was really thinking of applying to Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

He was a very famous hero and a member of parliament (MP).

I was a complete stranger to him, but I went to meet him because I was in dire need of help and I had heard stories of him helping people in need unlike most of other politicians.

I took a bus to JP Nagar 15th Cross. As I walked near his residence, I saw a crowd gathered outside. I asked the security person if I can meet the actor as I have come from a long distance seeking help. He let me go inside.

I walked in to his office and stood in front of his table as he was talking to other people.

He asked me why I was there. I said that my dream is to work as an automobile engineer but I never got an interview call from Toyota Kirloskar motor company despite having the required qualifications.

What Happened Next Really Surprised Girish Mallenahally and Everyone Around.

He rang up the Toyota Kirloskar motor company and asked to speak to the managing director. He then discussed my case with the managing director and requested him to arrange the job interview for me.

I went and gave my resume to the executive assistant of the managing director and my interview was arranged.

Prepared and did really well in the interview and I was told that I should get the job offer after a background check.

I went to meet the legend few times after that. He always remembered my name to my big surprise especially because he meets hundreds of people everyday but he still recalled my name.

My fate was in software engineering and I went on to become a software engineer in next few years because of IT boom in Bengaluru and of course big paychecks compared to mechanical engineers.

After almost a decade, I wanted to personally meet the hero and share our old memories. I reached out to his wife asking if I can meet them. She is a very popular Indian multilingual actress.

What Sumalatha Ambareesh Did Next Really Surprised Him and His wife.

She invited us to their famous home in Bengaluru.

I still get goosebumps every time I think of it and I wonder if it was for real. I mean, really, how can anyone be so kind and generous as to a complete stranger.

Will always remember him fondly, and I am grateful for everything he taught me on how to help others in need to bring happiness in their lives.

I sincerely thank Ambareesh and his amazing wife Sumalatha for their time and help.

Their son Abhishek has got it all that takes to be a champion in every walk of life like his father Ambareesh: Brains, Brawn, and Beauty. I wish him and his mother the very best for the future.

Ambareesh Son

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What would Ambareesh (Kannada actor) be most remembered for?

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