In this tech-savvy world, Youtube is one and only the most entertaining and educative social media platforms. There are a countless number of videos being uploaded to this platform and grab all the attention if the videos are worth it. In this context, here are few Kannada Youtube Channels to subscribe.

Youtube has become a library for answers to all your questions. Right from creating WhatsApp stickers to filling up the deposit slip in your bank – Youtube has the answers.

Be it tech videos, web series, comedy sketches, vlogging, vines and all the entertainment that you are looking for.

This has given the opportunity to many individual content creator to create videos in regional languages too.

The craze is such in the current scenario, with their creative thought process and being able to tap right into their viewer’s world, these Kannada Youtube Channels are must to Subscribe.

In this article, we present you the Top Kannada Youtube Channels to Subscribe which belong to mix pool of content and are doing amazingly great to attract their audiences. These channels have also got a good amount of subscribers.

Top Kannada Youtube Channels to Subscribe


Sakkath Studio youtube kannada channels

Mainly a broadcasting and media production company.

This channel provides you with the kind of entertainment that you are looking for. Dedicated & Biggest Kannada youtube channel showcasing Kannada Web series, Short films, Music videos, Original shows & Live Talk Shows.

This channel got its popularity by the First original Kannada web series called “Loose connection”.

This channel uploads regular content to their youtube channel which includes the weekly episodes of Web series. The current Web series which is running on the channel is Joshelay – The Inspirational Web series by Vinayak Joshelay.

Their upcoming Kannada Web Series is considered to be South India’s biggest which is “Hate you Romeo” starting Aravind Iyer and Disha Madan, in association with Dr. Shivraj Kumar’s production house Shri Muttu Cine Services which is scheduled to release in 2019.


youtube kannada channels insena

The Best Kannada Youtube Channel

A bunch of North Karnataka people(huduguru) started this Youtube channel to create quality content. For instance, comedy sketches, satire comedy, and podcast, etc.

Insena is a bunch of content creators who are from different backgrounds based out in Hubli. These guys have seen massive growth in amount of subscribers and views within no time. Stared in 2018 this channel has already got 28,000 subscribers and 10,25,181 views on their channels.

That’s tremendous growth in a short span of time. The only reason is because of the quality content they produce.

They upload a new video every month. Insena is purely for Kannada audience, be it from Uttara Karnataka, Bengaluru or Mangaluru.

If you guys are looking out for some pure entertainment then, hands down, head straight away to hit that subscribe button.


Tech in Kannada

Sandeep from Tech in Kannada is a Top Kannada youtube channel who is a popular content creator. On his channel, he basically creates Kannada tech videos & technical and science subjects – only in Kannada.

With a whopping 3,13,144 subscribers and 11,783,127 views is a one-stop solution for all your tech-related queries. Tech in Kannada sits on 3rd spot of the Top Kannada Youtube Channels that you need to subscribe mainly due to the quality of the content that this channel puts up.

The interesting fact – this channel has got its own app for mobile users, that too in Kannada. Isn’t that awesome?. Head out and subscribe and even download the app from play store.

Sure shot that you guys won’t regret it.



One of the fastest-growing individual Kannada content creator with 1,10,002 subscribers and 6,806,690 views.

He uploads satire and rant videos every week, being one and only creative channel in Kannada that we have come across. Not only that he even uploads serious content for his viewers which are related to society and that is thought-provoking. One of the videos went viral, which is “Bramhanda Guruji-Aliens have reached Germany- PM Modi at Risk !” and that’s how we came across this channel and now we enjoy every video of his.

This Kannada youtube channel is must, subscribe Madi and later don’t forget to thank us.


youtube kannada channels

Launched on Nov 23, 2017, is the fastest-growing youtube channel in the News & Politics category.

It is branded as “Karnataka’s youngest and liveliest news channel” with 6,74,840 subscribers and 159,326,334 views.

The presentation format on the youtube channel is fresh, that you usually don’t get to see. If you are a person who wants to stay updated then this channel won’t disappoint you.


Yuva Live - youtube kannada channels

In this social media era, wondering what’s right and what’s fake ??? No worries

Not a regular kind of news channel, take my word.

Here is Yuva live with 1,18,679 subscribers and 4,492,706 views lead by Chakravarthy Sulibele is a social media channel gives you news short and crisp. You get to know only the accurate facts and shows you what’s right and what’s fake.

This channel has various shows such as High Alert, No Compromise, Rise and Awake, Talk is easy, Modi Magic, Bharatha Katha n much more

This is interesting right ??

Head straightaway to this Kannada youtube channel and subscribing is only the option left.

For now, check out these channels meanwhile, we bring you more Kannada youtube channels that you should subscribe in our next article.

Share it if it is worth it.

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