Twitter Rages over Natives Losing Out the Employment Opportunities


This hashtag began to trend on May 4th, 2019 and has taken over our social media timelines.

It is all evident that people are losing out opportunities in our own state. We all seen the way the public banks in the state recruit employees, who can’t even speak the state language and find it difficult to converse with the bank account holders.

Furthermore, this hashtag was initiated by social and Kannada activists. The effort made to trend this hashtag on Saturday at 6 pm was positive, as people shared their views and it began to make its way on everyone’s timeline.


People are demanding that the job opportunities in Karnataka should be first given to the natives and not to the employment seekers from the north.

We all know that people from our neighboring states find a job for themselves within no matter of time, while those living in Karnataka find it very challenging to find a job.

Most of the major companies are violating the rules, where they will have to give priority to Kannadigas in Group C and D jobs based on their qualification. But this is happening the other way round, as the jobs are landed in the hands of migrants.

Well, our Government has taken a stand on this matter – Karnataka government set to make it a law to give Kannadigas priority in private sector jobs.

Besides addressing the problems pertaining to drinking water, traffic, and women’s safety. The much-needed problem of the hour has to be addressed by the government – which is focused on giving more importance to Kannada and ensure that there is a job reservation for Kannadigas.

CM has responded to the developments regarding the trending hashtag

Here is the Tweet

#KarnatakaJobsForKannadigas – Twitter Rages over Natives Losing Out the Employment Opportunities

Here is an incident where a North Indian employee at an SBI branch at Mandya told a farmer to get out if he did not know Hindi.

It is high time that a solution has to be implemented for this issue.

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