Twitter Serves Up a Whole New Level of Trolls as Prakash Raj Loses

Actor turned politician who contested the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 as an independent candidate from Bengaluru Central.

Mr Raj was contesting the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 against BJP’s PC Mohan and Congress’s Rizwan Arshad.

The independent candidate has acknowledged defeat in his first election. The actor described his defeat as a “Solid slap on my face”.

Hats off to his spirit to accept the defeat and face all the trolls, abuse and humiliation coming his way. But Twitter never spared him.

This is the tweet put up by the Prakash Raj himself

“A solid slap on my face, as more abuse, troll, and humiliation come my way. I will stand my ground. My resolve to fight for Secular India will continue, A tough journey ahead has just begun. Thank you, everyone, who were with me in this journey”. JAI HIND.

This is it, the twittereans took it to a next level. Check the tweets here

Twitter Serves Up a Whole New Level of Trolls

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