9 Ancient Temples in Bangalore

Sri Banashankari Temple

The most important aspect of this temple is that the deity is worshiped during Rahu Kalam, which is considered unlucky in Hinduism.

The temple is well known for its mysterious stone discs in the forecourt and for its careful layout, which allows the sun to shine on the shrine at specified times of the year.

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

Chokkanatha Temple - Domlur

One of the city's oldest temples. The inscriptions indicate that the temple is at least 1,200 years old.

Gaali Anjaneya Temple

The temple was constructed in 1425 and has a nearly 600-year history. There are claims that Vyasa Raja built the monument near the confluence of the Paschimavati and Vrishabhavati rivers.

Halasuru Someshwara Temple

It is one of Bangalore's oldest temples and was built during the Chola dynasty to commemorate the Hindu god Shiva.

Kaadu Mallikarjuna Temple

Built in 17th century and is dedicated to Shiva. Built in the Dravidian architectural style by Venkoji, the Maratha King Shivaji's brother.

Shivoham Shiva Temple

Shiva's statue stands 65 feet tall with Mount Kailash, the Lord's heavenly abode, in the background and the Ganga pouring from his matted hair as in myth, it is seated in the lotus pose.

Plague Amma Temple

They built Plague Amma shrines all around the city during the 1898 plague because they believed the epidemic was brought on by the rage of Goddess Amman. The temples were built to appease the Goddess and protect the locals from the wrath of the dreadful sickness, according to mythology.

Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

The temple was built more than eight hundred years ago by the Thigalas, one of the first social groupings in the area and an agricultural people who tilled the ground and grew vegetables and flowers.

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