9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Kantara Movie That Will Leave You In Awe!

1. The Climax Scene

The Climax Kola scenes were shot in natural moonlight. The complete set was directed by Raj B Shetty of Garuda Gamana Virshaba Vahana fame.

2. The Landlord Bungalow

Sai Radha Heritage, located in Karnataka's Udupi district, is a beautiful beach resort with a rich cultural heritage. Consider staying at this magnificent bungalow during your visit!

3. The Kambala Sequence

The entire opening sequence is shot admist the real ongoing festival. The actual people in the sequence are the villagers. It was shot without a body double.

4. Oscars 2023

Yes Kantara has has received 2 Oscar qualifications. The Qualifies For Best Picture Oscars Contention List.

5. Is Kantara a Real Story?

Rishabh Shetty stated that while the events he was referring to were based on a real story from his village, the world of Kantara was a product of his imagination.

6. The Art Department

They had create a village, a school, temple, and a tree house using natural resources. They managed to smoke the entire village for a single shot.

7. The After Effects

Due to the movie, the Karnataka Government has declared a monthly stipend for Bhuta Kola performers who are 60 years old or above.

8. The Kantara's Success

The movie was produced with a budget of 16 crores INR and completed within 96 days. It went on to generate revenue of almost 188 crores INR within just one month of its release.

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