Before you set out to explore the wild wonders of Bannerghatta National Park - Here are 7 Things to Know!

The Park was established in 1970 as a recreational center for citizens to enjoy nature. In 1972, a mini zoo was added, and in 1974, it was declared a national park.


Covering 104.27 sq. km., the park offers diverse wildlife and serves as a perfect destination for nature lovers.

The National Park features a secure, forested elephant sanctuary spread across 122 acres, providing a safe haven for elephants to roam freely.


The National Park is a crucial part of the wildlife corridor connecting BR Hills and the Sathyamangalam jungle, facilitating elephant movement.


Established in 1970 as a recreational center, the National Park added a mini zoo in 1972 & earned national park status in 1974. It offers a vast natural expanse for citizens to enjoy.


In 2006, India's first butterfly enclosure opened in National Park, featuring an audiovisual room & a museum, providing a habitat for over 20 butterfly species within a 10,000 square foot space.


The National Park features a reptile park with various species like pythons, Russell's vipers, monitor lizards, and cobras.


National Park's diverse landscape comprises hilly terrain, scrubland, deciduous forests, valleys, and the Suvarnamukhi stream, providing a sanctuary for numerous endangered animal & plant species.