The 10 Best Movies of Yash That You Should Not Miss!

1. KGF Series  The movie series in the late 1970s - 1980s follows Rocky Bhai, an assassin born in poverty in Mumbai who rises to power in the KGF gold mines.

2. Googly A rom-com directed by Pavan Wodeyar. Two people meet at a college event and fall in love, but a small misunderstanding separates them.

3. Mr&Mrs Ramachari One of the Kannada industry's blockbuster. The movie captures the journey of an iconic fictional character’s (Ramachari) fan and his sophisticated love interest.

4. Rajahuli Even though a remake, the movie has a cult following in Kannada. The story is about love, friendships and murder. The unexpected twists makes it a good watch.

5. Kiraathaka  The plot of this romantic comedy is how Gooli is able to win over Nethra despite the rivalry that exists between their villages.

6. Drama  A satirical narration style with lots of humour and sarcasm makes it unique. 

7. Moggina Manasu The earliest films of Yash. A female perspective on daily struggles, friendship and love issues of college students.

8. Modalasala The story focuses on two lovers and their parents, who refuse to accept their marriage.

9. Kallara Santhe A young man feels let down by the system in this action drama directed by Sumana Kittur.

10. Rocky A sad romantic love story. A decent watch for for those want see Yashs' earlier movies!