1. Rava Idli

Innovation has always been the essence of Bengaluru, and the renowned eatery MTR exemplified this by inventing Rava idli during World War II, utilizing semolina when rice was scarce.

2. Ragi Mudde

A staple and renowned culinary delight cherished by Bangalore households, this dish reaches its pinnacle of flavor when savored alongside mutton curry or Bas Saaru, a lentil and spinach delicacy.

3. Bisi Bele Bath

Experience simplicity and decadence combined in this dish, perfectly complemented by Khara boondi or chips, for a truly satisfying and wholesome culinary journey.

4. Mangaluru Buns

This local delicacy hails from Udupi, Mangalore, and also super famous namma Bangalore.

5. Obbattu

Obattu (Dal Holige), a popular festival dish, is widely loved and best enjoyed with a generous serving of ghee.

6. The Famous Hoskote Biryani

Here you’ll get fresh, and piping hot biryani at 6 am in the early morning: Bangalore’s must-try and famous food.

7. Bajjis 

Bengaluru evenings + rain + namma ooru weather + allo, capsicum, raw banana, onion bajjis = perfect for the evergreen snack.

8. All types of Colour Rice

Chitranna, Palav, Tomato Bath, Puliyogare, and Vangi Bath are breakfast and lunch options in typical darshini outlets in Bengaluru.

9. Shavige Bath

Perfect for both a scrumptious tiffin and a delightful evening snack, best enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of coffee.

10. Khanavali Utta and Bale Yele Meals

For a healthy and protein-rich meal, indulge in the authentic North Karnataka style Jolada Rotti oota offered by famous hotels in Bengaluru.

11. Corner House Ice Cream

Corner House, Bengaluru's oldest ice cream brand, offers a delightful experience with their iconic DBC ice cream.

12. Military hotels for Donne Biryani and Non-Veg Foods

Biryani, served in a nut palm leaf bowl, is an addictive and heavenly dish with a unique savoriness.

13. Akki Roti

Akki Roti + Chutney Pudi: Pure breakfast bliss.

14. Chow Chow Bath

Budget-friendly Khara-Sweet Combo Breakfast, a popular choice in our city.