Discover 5 Must-Visit Places Near Bannerghatta National Park, offering nature exploration, adventure, and recreation!

Just 5 kms from the national park and situated at its edge, explore Champak Dham Swamy Temple with a history dating back to Mahabharata times, & don't miss the nearby Swarnamukhi kalyani and river origin for an enriching visit.

Experience the blissful silence and tranquility of a pyramid-shaped meditation center, accompanied by serene gardens, classes, workshops, accommodation, and a library.

For trekking enthusiasts, an exciting journey awaits as they traverse across the Uddigebande, Hajjamana Kallu, and Mirza Hill, encountering small temples nestled amidst these captivating hills.

Within 30kms, discover this hidden gem for trek enthusiasts! There is a kalabhairaveshwara temple at the foothill, intriguing boulders, and picturesque views along the trek towards the peak.

Unleash your inner shutterbug and indulge in a cool escape from the city at Bannerghatta National Park's Butterfly Park - a photographer's dream and India's first butterfly sanctuary since 2006!

Just 25kms from the national park, this tranquil and serene location surrounded by nature's beauty and embraced by a picturesque mountain range is the perfect getaway for families and friends.