What If Game of Thrones was Made in Sandalwood – Here is the Starcast

Who is not a fan of Game of Thrones?

Most of them are the fans of this season. Isn’t it!!

Winter is coming and so is Game of Thrones.

To begin with, The season 8 is finally here and we all are excited to see the much awaited finale season of the fantasy drama show.

Yes, On April 15,2019 we all get to watch the first episode of season 8.

The most interesting fact regarding the Game of Thrones and Bengaluru!

Wondering right? How is it even connected to Namma Bengaluru.

Read on!

Yes, as per the Instagram report Indians are the ones who are most excited to witness the finale season. Among the top 5 countries, we stand in 4th position.

In addition to this, Bengaluru is right in the third position among the Top 5 Indian Cities excited for the Eight Season of Game of Thrones.

Disclaimer – Only for Fun. Just enjoy the season 8 and this article.

As our social media timeline is filled with GOT posts, we got a wild thought what if this season was made in Kannada??

Who would be the actors, if made in our Sandalwood??


Here it is, have a look!

What If Game of Thrones was Made in Sandalwood – Here is the Starcast

1. Ned Stark – Kichcha Sudeepa

2. Jon Snow – The Rocking Star Yash

3. Cersei Lannister – Deepa Sannidhi

4. Catelyn Stark – Sudharani

5. Daenerys Targaryen/Khaleesi – Shraddha Srinath

6. Sansa Stark – Aishani Shetty

7. Arya Stark – Manvitha Kamath

8. Khal Drogo – Ramachandra Raju

9. Jaime Lannister – Puneeth RajKumar

10. Gregor Clegane – Madhu Guruswamy

11. Melisandre (Red Woman) – Rashmika Mandanna

12. Walder Frey – P. Ravi Shankar

13. Ramsay Bolton – Sri Murali

14. Talisa Stark – Radhika Chetan

15. Robb Stark – Dhiren Rajkumar

Hope you guys liked it!

Whom would you cast?? Let us know in comments section below!

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