Will Rain Play Spoilsport Today? Fans Pray For a No-Rain Day!

Say No To Rain!

Another washout??

The epic clash between India vs Pakistan in the World Cup is all set to start in a few hours. All the eyes of the people around the globe are on the rain god.

Here is a quick Rewind To Ultimate Cricketing Rivalry India vs Pakistan in ICC World Cup Tournaments.

Fans from the different parts of the world are eagerly waiting to witness the much anticipated clash in 2019 World Cup. This clash is worth all the hype. The match is held at Old Trafford, Manchester.

But, there is twist in the game.

Will Rain Play Spoilsport Today?

India Vs Pakistan

The UK climate has ended up being very erratic, with four matches being dropped because of downpour until now. India’s last match with New Zealand at Trent Bridge was likewise canceled because of rains. The number of games that have been washed out in this World Cup is more compared to the previous editions.

Previously 2 matches each were called off in the year 1992 and 2003 World Cup editions.

The weather is all set to interrupt this epic clash between India vs Pakistan. According to the Weather Forecasting Platform, there are chances of rains in Manchester. In addition to this, the chances of rainfall are high, especially in the second half of the match.

The first half of the match is expected to remain positive and we all can watch some action on the filed.

Fans Pray For a No-Rain Day!

Billions of fans from the neighboring countries and the rest of the world have come together to pray for a no rain day at Manchester.

However, will the rain god listen?

Fingers crossed.

Here Are Some of The Tweets – A Billion Prayers

In this encounter, Indian team seems to be confident, having won all the match in this World Cup 2019 will have an upper hand. A crucial match for Pakistan, having won only one of the three matches played so far.

Lets Cheer for India and hope rain does not play the spoil sport again.

Go India.

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