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7 Best Bangalore Food Streets for Veg/Non-Veg Food Lovers!

So, you’re in namma city, the cosmopolitan hub for foodies. Are you looking for the best Bangalore food street to have a wholesome food experience within your budget? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are veg or non-veg lovers, namma city never disappoints you with its wide variety of food options. 

You will find everything here—from street food to gourmet meals. And when I say “street food,” I don’t just mean one or two stalls but an entire lane with a vast variety of menu items. So, here are some of the best Bangalore food streets to munch on delicious delicacies!

Binge-eating on the streets of Bangalore is always a good idea; next time give some of these famous food streets a try!

7 Best Bangalore Food Streets

1. Thindi Beedi VV Pura – The most famous Bangalore food street. A must-visit! 

The veg carnival. Whether you’re looking for a lip-smacking masale dose, feeling to have some Chinese food, or even want to grab a quick chat, you’ll find all of that here in Bengaluru’s old locality VV Pura. Usually opens from the evening until midnight, so go ahead and stop by! 

In addition to this, there’s an annual event held at this food street known as Avarekai Mela(hyacinth beans), one of the popular events in Namma Bengaluru. 

thindi bedi - street food

2. Loafers Lane, Vasanth Nagar

It would be best if you took a stroll through Loafers Lane. Do not miss it. 

With various options for food and drinks, this is the perfect place to hang out. There are many places to choose from, from small cosy cafes to chats on the food carts. The food ranges from sandwiches to idli, dose and even Mexican, Continental too. So next time when you want to go out for a bite, make sure that this is your first choice. Just grab a couple of friends and head over here for a fantastic experience. 

loafers lane vasanth nagar

3. Frazer Town

Heaven for non-veg lovers, especially those who love chicken dishes. This street usually is one of the most lit and crowded areas during Ramzan. It has so many restaurants that serve delicious Biryani, kebabs, tandoori chicken and other non-veg delicacies. The quantity and quality of food served in these restaurants are commendable.

It’s a perfect place to spend some time with your friends and family.

Bangalore Food Street

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4. Shivaji Nagar Food Street 

Located on the by lanes of Shivajinagar, it is most famous for serving mouthwatering kebabs, mutton and chicken. Walk past any stall, and you can see the meat waiting to be grilled. Besides these, it also serves delicious samosas and Suleman chai. The street is lined with multiple shops which open at 6 pm every day and run till midnight. People from all over the city come here to grab a bite of their favourite non-veg dishes.

5. Koramangala

Koramangala Street Food is the perfect adda to hang out with friends and enjoy great food. You’ll find food trucks, pushcarts and small joints serving some mouthwatering dishes. The place is near sony signal and is open from evening to late at night. Evening snacks are the best here.

6. Veerapillai Street 

One of the best Bangalore food streets for south delicacies near Commercial Street.

Veerapillai Street is the street to go on if you want to taste some of the most unforgettable South Indian dishes near the commercial street. You better be prepared to head out on an empty stomach from quick bites to wholesome crisp masale doses, butter idli, because these dishes are too good to be missed.

7. Nagarathpet Food Street

A Lesser-known Bangalore Food Street.  

The streets in the evening look different from those in the day. Food carts, shops, and stalls open up for business to serve everything from Masala Dosas to Pav Bhaji and many more tasty dishes. Variety may not be as great as it is on VV Puram, but the taste is excellent! Explore Nagarathpet’s street food for a change. 

Bangalore Food Street
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Which is your favourite? Also, how many food streets from the list have you been to?

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