July 12, 2024

Get the Best Bikes for Rent in Bangalore – Top 6 Bike Rentals 

Are you looking for bikes for rent in Bangalore to explore the city or for everyday commuting? And in today’s era, that too in Namma Bengaluru – The Startup Capital, you can ride without having to own a vehicle. Chill, you can always rent a bike in the city. You’ll be relieved of choice with so many terrific options. We’ve sorted it all out with these top bike rentals in Bangalore. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below. Book your favorite bike/scooter and go for a spin around the city!

Vroom Vroom!

Bikes for Rent in Bangalore 

1. Bykemania 

Bykemania aims to offer self-drive bike rentals as an alternative mode of transportation that is inexpensive, accessible, within walking distance, and free from the frustration of traffic congestion. The company is one of the most prestigious names in the world of bike rentals and takes care of anything that may arise. No worries about breakdowns, rider assistance, they are just a call away, which is open around the clock.

bykemania bike rentals

2. Ontrack 

Ontrack is working to improve the current “culture” of daily travel. To make your experience seamless, come here if you’re a regular traveler and ride with utility bikes or monthly rented bikes. It is economical, hassle-free, and simple! Become more independent and adventurous. It allows you to choose from various models. You can upgrade it to a different model monthly as part of the unique offering! 

3. Royal Brothers – Bikes for Rent in Bangalore 

Royal Brothers were the first in India to launch the bike rental market. You can select from a variety of vehicles in their fleet, including Harleys, gearless scooters, and hyper-rides like Dominars and KTMs because they are one of the most reputable names in the industry. They rank among the best bike rentals in the country thanks to their presence in more than 40 locations, including Bangalore, and their commitment to providing quality service over quantity. You can expect a refined experience if you choose any bike they offer. 

Bikes for Rent in Bangalore

4. Onn Bikes Rentals  

You can choose to ride a bike with their numerous outlets throughout Bangalore, making ONN bikes yet another excellent option for regular bike rentals or those sporadic sprints across the city. They have a reasonably strict maintenance schedule to keep every vehicle in their fleet in good shape. You can depend on them if you want a reliable and enjoyable bike. Even your pockets would feel comfortable with the regular deals and offers, that they offer.

5. Wicked Ride 

Want high-end bikes? Wicked ride some of the superbikes in stock! Sign-up once, then choose your dream ride from the location of your choice. So take to the open road, let the wind caress your hair, and feel the roar of the engines mingling with your spirit. Just be careful while increasing your speed. 

Harley bikes for rent

6. Vogo 

VOGO bikes for rent in Bangalore are easy to lean on, economical, and snappy—they’re perfect for daily commutes or fun rides on the weekend. And with fuel included in your rental, it’s even cheaper than riding your bike! We call them “the best way across the city.” Explore the city without breaking the bank, and there are no hidden charges when you return at the end of your ride. 

Bikes for Rent in Bangalore

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