June 20, 2024

12 Popular Things To Do In Malleswaram, Bangalore – Shop, Eat & Roam! 

Want to experience the old charm vibes of this city? All you have to do is pay your visit to Malleswaram, Bangalore, to soak up the excitement and positive vibes in the streets of this locality. Being a residential area and a commercial neighborhood, the atmosphere here makes you fall in love at first sight. Many things can be found in Malleswaram, from hotels and street food to art galleries and cultural hubs. Let’s look at some things to do in Malleswaram, Bangalore, today. 

An interesting fact: R.K Naryan’s famous TV series, the name ‘Malgudi Days,’ came from this locality and the other being Basavanagudi. 

12 Popular Things To Do In Malleswaram, Bangalore

1. Experience Divinity at Kadu Malleswaram Temple, Bangalore 

One of the oldest temples in Bangalore. The Hindu temple, which honors Shiva, was constructed in the seventeenth century at Malleshwara. In this context, the word “Kadu” refers to the forested area surrounding the temple. Brother of the Maratha King Shivaji, Venkoji, constructed it in the Dravidian architectural style. 

2. Get Some Fresh Air at Sankey Tank  

One of the gorgeous artificial lakes in Bangalore. A peaceful area for strolling and relaxing. The lake is fairly large. This location is appealing due to the lake’s cooling air and also a wonderful location for photography enthusiasts. 

3. Visit Raghavendra Stores  

Regarding authentic, well-known eateries in Bangalore, Raghavendra stores have devoted patrons. Must-visit for a simple but delicious dining experience. The cost is quite affordable. Idlis, hot, crispy vada, and chutney. Other must-try foods at this location include bath rice, shavige bath, and Kesari bath.

4. Attend the Classical Music Concert at Chowdiah Memorial Hall 

An indoor violin-shaped theater that makes you feel as though you’re in the 1980s. One of the well-known Old Bangalore landmarks. A lovely location for plays, music concerts, and other events. 

5. Halli Mane 

This place, with its ambiance, music, food, service, and love, makes you feel incredibly unique. They deliver some genuine Karnataka festival delicacies to you. Your soul is moved by music. If you’re in Bangalore, you must go there.

6. Veena Stores 

A perfect place to enjoy an old-school south Indian breakfast in Malleswaram, Bangalore.

Margosa Road is home to the renowned breakfast establishment Veena Store, which is well-known for its menu. The restaurant also provides crispy vada, steaming hot filter coffee, and the softest idli in the city. 

7. CTR – Famous Dose Spot in Malleswaram, Bangalore

The famous breakfast restaurant serves trademark benne dosas, bajji, and coffee in a lively, casual setting. You’ll grow to love them for their distinct flavor and crispness of the masala dose and chutney, which are mind-blowing. Undoubtedly one of the city’s most well-known & famous masale doseys

8. Mantri Mall 

You can find all your shopping needs at Mantri Mall, your one-stop shop. Metro connectivity, ample parking, and a wide range of stores make this a great place to spend a shopping day. 

9. Malleswaram 8th Cross, Bangalore 

Deserving a special place in Bangaloreans’ hearts. Even though it isn’t as large as Commercial Street, you can find everything there, including flowers, Indian clothing, shoes, and silk sarees!

11. Donne Biryani House 

This is Bangalore’s legendary Donne biryani. A casual restaurant offers regional food, including traditional biryani, in a rustic dining area. The ideal dish to soothe your appetite is his meat rice, enjoyed with a hot curry or yogurt. The best whole supper in the globe is a special Donne served in a bowl made of areca nut palm leaves. 

11. Gupta Circulating Library

From its modest premises on busy Sampige Road, the Gupta Circulating Library has provided Malleswaram’s readers with thousands of books and magazines for over 65 years. Most of the books on these shelves are classics and bestsellers.

12. Amrith Icecream Parlour 

A well-known ice cream parlour that the people of Malleswaram adore. The company’s expertise is making ice cream from scratch without preservatives or additives, utilizing milk and fruits for flavor. If you’re nearby, treat yourself to some of their ice creams. 

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