May 24, 2024

9 Most Common Kannada Phrases/Expressions Used in Bengaluru

Namma Bengaluru = Emotion and directly = The Bengalureans = The most Common Kannada Phrases used by the people of namma ooru.

To begin with, Bengaluru is known for welcoming people from all over the country. It is also a city with a beautiful climate, greenery, plenty of opportunities, yummy foods, and a little bit of traffic.

The unique language, the lifestyle and there’s just so much more to this beautiful city.

The native bengalureans are also one of the main reason to make this city awesome!

Isn’t it??

However, the one thing the outsiders get to learn from the Bengalureans is the way of adapting to the new people, different languages, and much more.


Apart from this, let us know the most Common Kannada phrases/expressions used in Namma Bengaluru.

It’s a very Bengalurean thing, you see !!

Here are the 9 Most Common Kannada Phrases/Expressions Used in Bengaluru

1. Ond Kelsa Maadi

The most loved phrase/expression of a Bengalurean. No matter what, you see people reply with this phrase. For instance, when you reach out to people for directions, ask for a suggestion – you get a reply starting with Ond Kelsa Madi which translates into Do One Thing.

most used kannada phrases

2. Hoge Haakskonde Guru

This phrase/expression is a millennial lingo. Commonly used by college students. This is used to express one’s failure or not doing the work up to the mark. For example, if you have not studied for your exams, you dare to write them. The reply should be Hoge Haakskonde Guru which translates into I Got Screwed, Bro!

common kannada phrases

3. Muchappa, Kandideeni !!

When your friends come up with unrealistic ideas/plans, especially the new year resolutions, or being overconfident to achieve the goals. The casual reply will be Muchappa, Kandideeni which translates into Stop it Dude, I Have Seen All of These.

bangalore slangs

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4. Aaraam-agi-iru Maga

Chill out bro, Peace, Keep calm – The Kannada version of these phrases is Aaraam-agi-iru Maga. For instance, When you are running out of time to attend the first-hour lecture, your friends say aaraamagiro!!

most used kannada words

5. Maadak Bere Kelsa Ilva?

Generally, this phrase can be situational, either serious or casual. Furthermore, this phrase is commonly used by mothers. For example, in the first case when someone is interfering in your work and that’s irritating. When you are using a laptop and phone 24/7, mothers shoot this question at you – Maadak Bere Kelsa Ilva?.

common kannada phrases

6. Kaage Haarsbeda

When you find someone exaggerating something which is fake, the reply should be Kaage Haarsbeda.

common kannada phrases

7. Neen Bidappa. Kelode Bekilla

There’s no point in asking a topper, how well did you do your exams. It’s pretty evident that he’s given his 100 percent, you will say this Neen Bidappa, Kelode Bekilla. This phrase is used to praise, pamper, and boost the ego of a person.

common kannada phrases

8. Hang Baa Daarige!

A conversation winning phrase. It’s more like convincing the other person to do as you say!

Common Kannada Phrases

9. Bombattagide Guru

It expresses one’s sense of amazement and excitement. For example, How was your weekend?? the reply will be bombattagittu guru!!.

Common Kannada Phrases

We all have been there and used these phrases.

Take a moment and think about it, when was the last time you have used it?? Do let us know in the comments below!

For those of you who din’t know these most common Kannada phrases/expressions. Well, you know them now, next time don’t just blink when someone uses them.


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