April 24, 2024

14 Must Eat Famous Foods of Bangalore – According to the Locals

They say, ‘to eat is a necessity, and they are correct, especially when food is heavenly delicious. And when you are in namma ooru, you should try the famous foods of Bangalore suggested by the locals. 

Yes, crispy masale dose, idli vade and filter coffee can make you drool, but there is a lot more to your taste buds juicy-ness. These foods mentioned below are the legendary foods from all over namma Bengaluru!

Here are the 14 Famous Foods of Bangalore That You Can’t Afford to miss!

1. Rava Idli

Namma Bengaluru is known for its innovation back then and even now. A popular eatery, MTR in the city, invented it. When the rice was in short supply due to World War II, they used semolina and created Rava idli.

famous foods of Bangalore

Where: MTR

2. Ragi Mudde – Staple and Famous Food Among the Households of Bangalore

Ragi Mudde is a favorite among the locals. It’s a staple food in many of our homes and a few popular hotels around the city. It is best tasted with mutton curry or with Bas Saaru, made of lentils and spinach.

Where: Military Hotels & Mudde Madappa Mess

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3. Bisi Bele Bath – The Most Famous Veg Food In Bangalore and Karnataka

A true example of simple yet rich and delicious. It combines rice, lentils, veggies, mild flavors of spices, and tuppa(ghee). Having it with Khara boondi or chips leaves you with a wholesome experience. 

famous foods of Bangalore

Where: Tastes good in most of the darshinis in Bengaluru.

4. Mangaluru Buns

A banana-based food that clings to your fingers is delicious with coconut chutney and hotel-style kurma. It’s a local delicacy in Udupi and Mangalore, and it’s pretty famous in namma Bangalore, too. A must-try.

Source: social_kitchen_palakkad/Instagram

5. Obbattu 

These sweet dishes satisfy your sweet tooth. Obbattu(Dal Holige) is a popular dish made during festivals, and everyone does likes to eat it. Best savored with an enormous amount of ghee. In the northern part of Karnataka, people serve Mango Shikarne with it.

obbattu - famous foods of bangalore

Where: Holige Mane

6. The Famous Hoskote Biryani

Oh, Biryani, who does not like it? Here you’ll get fresh, and piping hot biryani at 6 am in the early morning: Bangalore’s must-try and famous food.

7. Bhaji 

Bengaluru evenings, rain, and the famous namma ooru(city) weather make it perfect to have the evergreen snack and everyone’s favorite. 

8. All types of Colour Rice

Chitranna, Palav, Tomato Bath, Puliyogare, and Vangi Bath are breakfast and lunch options in typical darshini outlets in Bengaluru. 

Source: foodloveisforever/Instagram

9. Shavige Bath

Vermicelli is a popular dish among the people of Bengaluru. A delicious tiffin and an evening snack with a cup of coffee, this dish is prepared using Vermicelli.

Source: thesecretspiceaffair/Instagram

10. Khanavali Utta and Bale Yele Meals

Are you looking for a healthy and protein-rich meal? Jolada Rotti oota is the perfect one to try out. Some of the famous hotels in Bengaluru provide the authentic north Karnataka style.

famous foods of bangalore
Source: kaapilicious/Instagram

The Jolada rotti, Kaalu Palya, Junka, Holige, Yennegai(Brinjal curry), and Mirchi Bajji. These items are finger-licking good. It would be best if you tried this famous food style of Bangalore and Karnataka.  

11. Military hotels for Donne Biryani and Non-Veg Foods

This dish served in a bowl made of the nut palm leaf has a specialty: it tastes heavenly. The spices in Biryani give it a peculiar savoriness, and its taste is more addictive than anything.

12. Corner House Ice Cream – The Most Loved & Famous Food of Bangalore

A place for ice-cream enthusiasts. Corner House is the oldest established ice cream brand in Bengaluru. It’s a delight to have ice cream, especially the Corner House’s DBC. 

famous foods of banglore
Source: _onlyfoodvibes/Instagram

13. Akki Roti 

Akki Roti + Chutney Pudi, this combo will surely make you feel that it is one of life’s great pleasures.

Source: malathy.ajay/Instagram

14. Chow Chow Bath – The most famous food in Bangalore

The most budget-friendly dish where you get to taste the Khara and sweet. This combination is a typical go-to breakfast in namma ooru. 

famous foods of Bangalore
Source: galli_tiffin_chats-/Instagram

When in Bengaluru, be a Bengalurean by treating your taste buds with famous foods of Bangalore in namma style. Apart from that, there are dry snacks that are worth giving a try in namma Bengaluru. Stay tuned for that article. Happy eating!

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