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9 Things Gulbarga is Famous for & People are Proud of 

When you think of Gulbarga, aka Kalaburgi, what is Gulbarga famous for, is the first thing that comes to your mind. Right?

Few people think about the city’s delicious and authentic north Indian cuisine, while others think about the rich culture with a long and vibrant history. Still, others may think about the unique architecture found throughout the city or its proximity to other significant locations in North Karnataka. In this article, we have mentioned 11 things that Gulbarga is famous for and people here are proud of.

The city’s two main rivers—the Bhima and the Krishna—flow through it, making the land exceptionally fertile for agriculture.

In 2014, the city of Gulbarga was renamed Kalaburgi. The name Kalaburagi is derived from the Kannada words Kal and buragi, which means “land of stones and thorns”.

9 Things Gulbarga is Famous for

1. Toor Dal – Gulbarga is famous for this GI-tagged Product.

Gulbarga produces the best quality toor dal. It is produced in the large quantities, which is considered by many to be the home of premium quality toor dal.

The government of Karnataka officially gave it a Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

2. Sharana Basaveshwara Temple

The vast ancient temple in the ancient town of Gulbarga is dedicated to Shri Sharana Basaveshwara, who was an eminent teacher, philosopher and saint in the Hindu religion. It is a marvellous structure, which dates to the 12th century. The structure contains a beautiful carving with images of Garuda, parrots, flowers and elephants. 

Two centuries ago, the temple was built. The panchaloha kalasha, a combination of five metals, is present here. The architecture is a blend of Hindu and Mughal styles. 

gulbarga is famous for

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3. Buddha Vihar 

Gulbarga is famous for this place and is a significant tourist attraction. 

The beautiful Buddha Vihar, located in Kalaburgi and set on 70 acres of land, is the nation’s largest and one of its kind. Visitors to the museum can see beautifully sculpted Buddha idols from Panchaloha and idols of his disciples. 

It is a centre of both tourism, creativity and research on Buddhism.

gulbarga is famous for

4. Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah – Gulbarga is Famous for the Tomb

The Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah is one of the most visited sites of Gulbarga. The tomb of Khwaja Bande Nawaz, a famous Sufi saint.  

Visitors come to this dargah to seek blessings, regardless of the religion they follow. This dargah unites all with its message of peace and tranquillity in the region.

bande nawaz darga gulbarga

5. Gulbarga aka Kalaburgi is famous for Food 

Jolada rotti, shenga chutney Pudi, holige with Mango pulp and vagani(puffed rice susla) Mirchi are famous in this city. For non-veg lovers, Tahaari is famous. The Food is quite spicy here. Some of the other foods that locals consume daily are Padu, Avalaki susla. 

gulbarga is famous for

6. Home for Ex CM’s of Karnataka 

The city of Kalaburagi is the home town of two former chief ministers of Karnataka: Veerendra Patil, and N. Dharam Singh, from the Congress party. 

7. Education 

Kalaburagi is emerging as an educational hub of Kalyan Karnataka. The presence of several colleges in the district has led to many students migrating to Kalaburagi from the neighbouring districts. 

8. Gulbarga Fort

Raja Gulchand built the Gulbarga Fort, which is located in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka. During the reign of the Bahmani Dynasty, the fort was subsequently fortified. The fort is unique for its Islamic style of architecture.

Gulbarga fort

9. Bara Gazi Toph – Canon

Gulbarga is Famous for World’s Largest Canon 

The Bara Gazi Toph is probably the giant cannon globally, located atop the 14th-century fort in Kalaburagi.

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