May 24, 2024

9 Kannada Cooking YouTube Channels for Food Lovers!

Namma Uru(state) Karnataka is home to many different regions, and the culinary traditions vary from one region to another. You get to experience the tangy flavors of the Karvali region to the spicy flavors of Uttar Karnataka. This listicle is a compilation of Kannada cooking YouTube channels that showcase the state’s culinary experiences. 

The cuisine is a collage of flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques in different regions. If you decide to experience and try cooking new dishes, the first question that comes to your mind is ‘Can I prepare it too?’. 

The different cuisines of Karnataka are – Uttara Karnataka, Mandya-Mysuru, Mangaluru, Karwar, and Kodava cuisine, to name a few. These Kannada cooking YouTube channels are a must-follow to try out some delicious recipes of Karnataka.  

9 Kannada Cooking YouTube Channels for Enthusiasts Who Love to Cook! 

1. Bhat n Bhat

This channel is what you should head to for all those who want to try some traditional Mangalorean-style veg recipes. Manohar Bhat and his twin brother, Sudarshan Bhat, run this channel out of Kasaragod. Their cooking videos will be in the midst of nature, making it eye-catching. Bhat n Bhat channel has 6.5 lakh plus subscribers with 237 videos with over 7 million views. 

kannada cooking channel
Source: YT/Bhat n Bhat

2. Uttara Karnataka Recipes 

Triveni Patil, the founder of this Kannada cooking YouTube channel, is well known and popular for the healthy Uttar Karnataka vegetarian recipes. The channel has nearly 4 lakh subscribers with over 6 million views. The videos are in detail; a must-follow if you love Uttara Karnataka food. 

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3. Rekha Aduge – Most Subscribed Kannada Cooking YT Channel

Rekha Aduge Kannada’s cooking YouTube channel covers various Karnataka-style recipes to help beginners cook tasty food. You can find veg, non-veg, fast-food, sweet, and snack recipes. The videos are simple and easy to follow. Rekha mam was featured on the Kalamadhyama Youtube channel; check out the inspirational journey. 

4. Bhagya TV

If you are looking to learn how to cook recipes for your day-to-day needs, this is the channel you must be following. This channel showcases simple veg and non-veg food.

The videos in this channel are in full HD & even available in 4K. With nearly 10 lakh subscribers, this is the channel you must check out. 

kannada cooking channels
Source: YT/Bhagya TV

5. Paaka Shringar

North Karnataka food is truly unique and delicious. Paaka Shringar is your one-stop destination for all veg lovers. This channel offers vegetarian, healthy, and tasty recipes, including traditional ones with a modern twist that still offer the same essential nutrients. A favorite channel for all vegetarians. 

This channel is your simple solution for quick and easy recipes for those who have a limited amount of time to spend in the kitchen.

6. Kavya’s Cooking Channel

Kavya’s cooking channel offers simple, delicious, and healthy recipes. The channel has 550k plus subscribers with 115,145,470 total views. 

7. Namma Adige

Namma Adige’ is a Kannada cooking channel. You can watch all kinds of Indian recipes using simple techniques and ingredients easily available in your kitchen. This channel uploads only veg recipes. Awesome, isn’t it!

cooking channels kannada

8. Vaishnavi Channel

This channel mostly shows veg, non-veg recipes, and simple home-style food in Kannada with English subtitles. 

9. Gruha Pakka

Want to watch and learn interesting recipes easily. The channel shows authentic traditional veg & non-veg recipes cooked daily with some simple instructions & tips. 

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