May 24, 2024

Hands-Down – The Best 7 Kannada Movie Review YouTube Channels to Follow!

If you need help deciding which movie to watch? This Kannada movie review YouTube channels list will help you through your dilemma. 

Channels in this list put out their genuine reviews for the movies and create story analyses. In addition to this, they even upload videos on teaser/trailer breakdown, movie recommendation listicles, reaction videos for trailer/teasers and posters—finally, interviews and vlogs with movie stars.

These seven Kannada movie review channels on YouTube provide great entertainment for movie buffs. They help viewers identify the best new movies and what to skip.

1. Kannadiga Agni

More than 50,000 people have subscribed to this channel, and it has more than 84 million views. This Kannada YouTube channel is your one-stop destination for unbiased reviews, movie post mortem videos, movie recommendations, complete breakdown analyses. This channel even offers Kannada short films directed by Kannadiga Agni itself. Furthermore, you can see vlogs of him exploring the scenic places of England. 

Our favourite video of this channel is – 777 Charlie story analysis and how it’s linked to India’s epic Mahabharatha. Interestingly, Rakshith Shetty, the director of this movie, tweeted it.

2. Kairam Vaashi

Kairam Vaashi reviews Kannada films on Film Companion South. This channel is a division of Film Companion. One can find in-depth reviews, analyses and recommendations from Kairam Vaashi on this channel. Apart from this, he is also an author. If interested in checking out his articles, you can head to the channel’s website.

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3. Cinema with Varun

This channel has 50,100 subscribers with 79,59,106 total views. Varun reviews movies with the greatest amount of honesty. Apart from this, one can find recommendations, interesting facts about Kannada movies. Also, reviews movies from different languages in Kannada. Go ahead and subscribe if you have not.

Next up on the Kannada movie review YouTube channels list

4. Chandan Arya – Newz Alert

Chandan Arya reviews all the latest Kannada movies and shares the box office reports, his opinion, and updates on industry trends. Apart from this, his channel Newz alert hosts different categories of videos. 

5. Name is Madhu

This channel has 167k subscribers and has gained over 24,168 225 total views. You can find movie reviews, sandalwood updates, celebrity interviews and vlogs on the YouTube Channel. Also, you get to see his reaction videos on controversies. 

6. KFI Talks

Here you’ll find all kinds of stuff related to the Kannada Film Industry, from movie reviews to poster/teaser reactions and more. This channel has 43k plus subscribers and has 8,730,362 total views. 

7. Kadakk Cinema – The fastest growing Kannada movie review channel on YouTube

Kadakk Cinema has a whopping 128k subscribers currently on this channel. Over 22 million people have watched their videos. A team of movie lover’s from Karnataka. Trying to unite Kannada cinema fans and provide a one-stop place for all film news and updates.

Check out these channels for all your entertainment needs in Kannada. 

Note: All the stats are as of Jan 2022.

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