April 24, 2024

13 Kannada Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe Right Now

In this tech-savvy world, Youtube is one and only the most entertaining and educative social media platforms. So here we present you 13 Kannada Youtube Channels You Should Subscribe Right Now

There are countless videos being uploaded to this platform and grab all the attention if the videos are worth it. In this context, here are a few Kannada youtube channels that you must consider subscribing them right away.

Be it tech videos, web series, comedy sketches, vlogging, vines, and all the entertainment that you are looking for. Moreover, this has given the opportunity to many individual content creators to create videos in regional languages too.

The craze is such in the current scenario, with their creative thought process and being able to tap right into their viewer’s world, these Kannada Youtube Channels are the best, therefore you must be present in their subscriber’s list.

In this article, we present you the 13 Kannada Youtube Channels to Subscribe which belong to a mix pool of content and are doing amazingly great to attract their audiences.

13 Kannada Youtube Channels to Subscribe

1. Raghu Vine Store

A brand in making. In other words, a boy next door who is superr popular in Kannada digital space for his relatable content on the social media platforms.

kannada youtube channels

Here’s what his store has to offer – Welcome to my vine store. We are proud KANNADA content creators.

Here we make comedy sketches, relatable content, awkward stuff, we don’t know what we are up to.

We make Vlogs about Food, bikes, places, and random stuff which we find interesting. We try to keep it 100% Authentic, NAATI, and local.

On the other hand, an inspiration for many of my fellow content creators.

The first content creator from the Kannada Youtube community to participate in Bigg Boss season 8. Finally, if you are looking for some great relatable content – head straight away to his channel without even having a second thought.

2. Insena

One among the best Kannada Youtube Channels

A bunch of North Karnataka people(huduguru) started this Youtube channel to create lighthearted content. For instance, comedy sketches, satire comedy, and podcasts, etc.

Insena is a bunch of content creators who are from different backgrounds based out in Hubli – Dharwad.

These guys have seen massive growth in the number of subscribers and views within no time. Stared in 2018 this channel has already got 28,000 subscribers and 10,25,181 views on their channels.

The only reason is because of the quality content they produce.

If you guys are looking out for some pure entertainment then, hands down, head straight away to subscribe.

3. Tech in Kannada

The best tech channel in Kannada digital space hands down.

With a whopping of 547k subscribers and 39,594,039 views is a one-stop solution for all your tech-related queries.

Moreover, this Kannada Youtube channel is a must-subscribe in our opinion for the kind of valuable information it provides to its viewers.

The interesting fact – this channel has got its own app for mobile users, that too in Kannada, and also a website. Isn’t that awesome?.

Head out and subscribe and even download the app from the play store.

4. The Geek India

Karnataka’s Moto Vlogger

One of the fastest-growing individual Kannada content creators from Uttara Karnataka.

Explore everything thing in World, While exploring the World being his travel motto. Not only that he even uploads food challenges, funny unboxing videos.

Wanna see beautiful places from Namma Karnataka and the rest of India then subscribe Madi and later don’t forget to thank us.

5. Namdu K

Namdu K produces hilarious videos to make you laugh spotting it home to original, humorous, and thought-provoking content for Kannada audiences worldwide.

Moreover, this channel features all types of comedic genres ranging from inside humour to character comedies, sitcoms to stand-up comedies, comedy sketches to mockumentaries, and many more related topics while we believe that laughter is one of the best medicines in the world.

Finally, if you are looking out for the best and free medicine you know the drill. Here is the Channel link – NAMDU K YOUTUBE CHANNEL

6. Tharle Box

Tharle Box is an exclusive Kannada Comedy Channel powered by Multi-box Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

You get to watch a bunch of super awesome Kannada Standup Comedy videos featuring Suhas Navarathana, Niroop Mohan, Sonu Venugopal, and Akshay Kumar.

In addition to this, the channel has a Kannada web series named “KYAABRE” which is streaming right now.

We guess you have found a perfect reason to hit that subscribe button and start binging the web series.

7. Mr & Mrs. Kamath

To begin with, this channel is all about the life experiences of Mrs Sneha Kamath and Mr Rithesh Kamath.

A fun-loving couple who share their journey of exploring new things in their life with the subscribers.

In addition to this, their videos include lifestyle vlogs, Travel Vlogs, Beauty and Health tips and also Gardening tips.

Next up on the list is

8. Sudeesh Kottikkal

This channel is about Sudeesh Kottikkal’s travelling and exploring all kinds of places and the local food.

Furthermore, if you are keen on watching videos on lesser-known places, interesting stories, ancient architecture, nature, trekking, and some unknown facts about Karnataka.

Likewise, he is seen exploring Mysuru and its surrounding in the majority of his videos.

However, his Anegundi tourism playlist is our recommendation if you are considering watching his videos. Also, hope you will subscribe too.

9. Lolbagh

The first group of young Kannadigas ventured into Kannada stand-up comedy.

In a word, just head to the channel where all the fun awaits you, and also do not forget to subscribe.

kannada youtube channels - lolbagh

10. MetroSaga

An Entertainment and Lifestyle channel for relatable Sketch videos, Stories / News, Cinema, Food, Interviews, and more.

Moreover, a group of honest Kannadigas on their journey to give the best content.

Metrosaga’s Work from Home Comedy Videos is our recommendation if you are considering watching the videos.

11. Needs of Public

One among the must subscribe Kannada Youtube Channels. This channel is all about technology in Namma language, trending tech news, and tech tips.

In addition to this, one gets to watch Product UnBoxing, Application Review, Mobiles Review, Gadgets Review, and Game Review.

However, if you are interested please do the rituals.

Check out the Channel here – Needs of Public

12. Udaal Pavvya

A Normal Guy from North Karnataka who makes Parodies, Comic Sketches, & Commentaries in the local language.

However, his Unboxing Parodies playlist is our recommendation if you are considering watching his videos. Also, hoping that you will subscribe to his channel.

13. AnnyArun

Looking to fuel your wanderlust vibes all by sitting at home and watching travel videos? Then, this is the channel that you must subscribe to right now.

However, previously known as GoPro Man, this moto vlogger from Bengaluru allows you to be his pillion but virtually.

Watch his videos for a pure riding experience. In addition to this, one of his videos by the name ‘Stopped by Tamilnadu Cop For Reason You Cannot Guess!!’ went viral.

It’s been featured in many of the newspapers, TV news and touched so many people.

To Conclude, do comment on who’s your favourite YouTuber from the list. Apart from this, if we have missed out on any creator please do let us know.

Let us all be a part of the growing Kannada digital community and support the creators. Do check out our website for more articles.

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