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11 North Karnataka Foods That You Must Try at Least Once 

North Karnataka is a land of diverse cultures and cuisines. When it comes to food, the region is home to a host of delicious treats that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Dharwad, Bijapur, Gulbarga, Belgaum, Bidar, Yadgir, Bagalkot, Raichur, Davangere, Gadag, Haveri, Koppal, and Bellary are the primary locations where one can find tasty and authentic North Karnataka foods. 

A must-try for all the heartthrob of foodies around the city. Many of the North Karnataka foods are delicious and even famous even in Bengaluru.  

11 North Karnataka Foods To Try

1. Jolada Rotti

Most North Karnataka areas enjoy jolada rotti as a staple food, which they pair with pulse curries like jhunka, enne gai, shengdana chutney, or other varied spicy chutneys. 

North Karnataka Foods

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2. Menthe Kadubu

Menthe kadubu is nothing but dumplings made of wheat flour. Dumplings made of wheat flour are boiled before being spiced with methi or fenugreek leaves. Popular in North Karnataka.

menthe kadubu
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3. Girmit/Vaggani/Susla – One of the Famous North Karnataka Foods Loved here in Namma City Also

A well-known spicy north Karnataka street dish recipe made with murmura, or puffed rice. It is mainly made from a hot relish called gojju, made of onions, tomatoes, and tamarind. Ideal for having it with Mirchi bajji. 


4. Mirchi Bajji/ Cut Mirchi

Crispy cut Mirchi is the famous north Karnataka style, Mirchi bajji, which is chopped into small pieces and cooked again to get the crispy texture. Also, occasionally you can enjoy extending this recipe by making an easy, delectable sliced cut Mirchi chat.

North Karnataka Foods

5. Ennegayi 

One of the famous North Karnataka foods when served along with jolada rotti. A tasty brinjal recipe is ennegayi. Small, soft brinjals are stuffed with a paste of spices and cooked. It also goes by the name badanekayi ennegayi.

ennegayi palya

6. Javalikaayi Palya

A delicious combination with jolada rotti and chapati, North Karnataka’s most popular and traditional food for cluster beans fry is Chavalikayi Palya.

7. Junka 

One classic food from north Karnataka is a besan or chickpea flour-based dry sabzi or gravy. People eat this hot besan curry with chapati and also generally prepare it as a side dish with jolada rotti or even puri.

North Karnataka Foods

8. Soppina Palya & Kaalu Palya

Any green leafy vegetable, such as spinach, amaranthus (harive soppu/dantina soppu), methi (fenugreek), or dill leaves, and sabbasige soppu. Various greens or one kind of greens are used to make this curry. It is one of the most straightforward curries available. The muddi palya comes in multiple forms, and this particular recipe employs either gram flour (besan) or chickpea flour. Toor dal is also added. 

Different types of dals/lentils are used to prepare palya. A very nutritious, protein-rich, easy-to-make side dish that is wonderful with chapati, jowar roti, and phulka. made from several dals and lentils, including Hesaru Kalu, Hurali Kalu, Alasande Kalu, and Kadle Kalu.

9. Different types of Chutney Pudis 

Gurellu pudi, Shenga pudi, Agasi chutney pudi, and Gurelllu/Uchellu chutney pudi. With rotti and chapatis, you can have this delectable chutney pudis combined with little oil, thupa, and curd.

10. Shenga Holige 

North Karnataka’s traditional dessert is Shenga Holige. People of this region prepare it during festivals. It resembles holige but has a peanut and jaggery filling instead. 

North Karnataka Foods

11. Dharwad Peda 

Unique to the Indian state of Karnataka is the sweet treat Dharwad Peda. It gets its name from the Karnataka city of Dharwad. The history of this treat dates back about 175 years. Dharwad Peda is a GI Tagged food.

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