July 12, 2024

These 11 Sudha Murthy Books are Simple Yet Thought-Provoking

We all have known Sudha Murthy as the chairperson of Infosys Foundation. As well as, the first woman to join engineering and the first female engineer in TELCO. On the other hand, Sudha Murthy is also India’s best-selling writer and her books inspire you to be the change.

Recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for writing, the Padma Shri in 2006. Honored by the Attimabe Award from the Karnataka government for magnificence in Kannada literature in 2011.

Sudha Murthy has given notable and amazing books which include short stories, non-fictional stories, novels, travelogues, and books for children too.

These 11 Sudha Murthy Books are Simple Yet Thought-Provoking

1. The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic

Collection of 21 short and unique stories. A beautiful gift to children from Sudha Murthy that convey valuable life lessons.

The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic

Genre: Fiction

2. The Mother I Never Knew

A novel that speaks about human relations. The story revolves around two different men – both for mothers they never knew they had. This book reveals what we really feel about those closest to us.

Sudha Murthy Books - The Mother I Never Knew

Genre: Fiction

3. Three Thousand Stitches – One of the best book written by Sudha Murthy

“Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives”. This book speaks about some of the prevailing biases that are still so strong in society.

Compilation of 11 short stories that draw from Sudha Murty’s real-life experiences, as an individual and as the chairperson of Infosys Foundation. Also, her mission against the Devadasi culture and the challenges faced during this journey.

three thousand stiches

Genre: Fiction

4. House of Cards

This book depicts the clash between simplicity and complexity. This is the story of Mridula, an energetic yet simple village girl who moves to Bangalore after her marriage to Sanjay, a doctor. The story is about their family life, and how they rise in status in the city, but begin to find differences in their relationship.

House of Cards  by sudha murthy

Genre: Fiction

5. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven

A collection of 20 inspiring real-life stories. Edited by Sudha Murthy.

This book makes you feel that human kindness is still around and helping us make our way through the daily grind.

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven - collection of 20 inspiring real-life stories

Genre: Non Fiction, Philosophy

6. The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India

A collection of snapshots of the varied facets of human nature and a mirror to the souls of the people of India.

Real-life lessons that melt your heart, pierce your heart, make you laugh, make you cry, and wonder at how funny, interesting, cruel, and humane life can be.

The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India

Genre: Fiction

7. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

A collection of heartwarming experiences of Sudha Murty, written as she walks the roads of rural and urban India. She weaves the everyday life of men and women in India into short stories and each story has a unique takeaway that you’ll never forget.

Sudha Murthy Books

Genre: Non Fiction

8. Dollar Bahu

The story of the Gauramma, her Dollar Bahu Jamuna, and her other simple bahu Vinuta. Between Jamuna’s Dollars and Vinuta’s selfless devotion, Gauramma always finds her favor with the dollars and ignores what is truly priceless – Vinuta’s devotion and selfless love.

Dollar Bahu

Genre: Fiction

9. Mahashweta

Story of a female protagonist named “Anupama”. An inspiring story of courage and resilience in a world marred by illusions and betrayals. 

Sudha Murthy Books

Genre: Fiction

10. Gently Falls the Bakula

The story of Shrikant and Shrimati who belong to two hostile communities and fall in love.

The story is simple, follows a single plot and focuses on the two main characters only.

Genre: Fiction

11. Wise And Otherwise

A collection of fifty vignettes of the real-life incidents of Sudha Murty where she encounters ordinary people.

Stories ranging from a man who dumps his aged father in an old-age home after declaring him to be a homeless stranger; a tribal chief in the Sahyadri hills who teaches the author that there is humility in receiving too and how a sick woman remembers to thank her benefactor even from her deathbed.

Sudha Murthy Books

Genre: Non-Fiction


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