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9 Luscious Ice Cream Parlours in Bangalore

Ice cream is a universal phenomenon everyone loves to eat, no matter the season. And when you’re craving it, there’s nothing like relishing the ice cream before it melts! If you are a die-hard ice cream lover, you must visit these luscious ice cream parlours in Bangalore. These outlets offer ice creams with a twist. They have something for everyone and every season. You can find just the right flavour for your mood—a classic blend of chocolate and vanilla or something more exotic, like strawberry cheesecake or the city’s popular DBC! 

Get ready for an ice cream rollercoaster! 

9 Luscious Ice Cream Parlours in Bangalore

1. Corner House Ice Cream 

One of the most famous and people’s favourite ice cream parlours in Bangalore.

Corner House honours the spirit of old Bangalore because it was built when there were only trees and lakes in Bangalore, when bougainvillaea and rain trees lined the streets, and when everyone knew everyone. It still has that distinctive Bangalore feeling to it today. For many generations, Corner House Ice Cream has offered ice cream scoops.

Corner house ice ream

2. Amrith Icecreams 

For the past 28 years, a family-run parlour in Malleshwara has served ice creams with traditional flavours. The late MN Sarathy, a National Dairy Research Institute employee, founded Amrith ice cream in 1993. He obtained his knowledge of ice cream production from Denmark and focused on ice creams and milk candies. 

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3. Mantap Ice Cream – One of the Household Ice Cream Parlours in Bangalore 

The Mantap Ice Cream brand was established in 1965 in Saligrama, Udupi, and since 1981, it has spread to various areas of Bengaluru. It is the location for delectable, sanitary flavours. Visit this location today to sample some of the best ice creams and discover why the locals adore them.

4. Lakeview Milk Bar 

Bengaluru’s first ice cream shop, Lakeview Milk Bar, and the city’s development are mirrored in one another. One of the must-visit ice cream parlours in namma Bangalore.  

Various sensual ice creams, freshly baked cakes, and delectable snacks are available to Lakeview’s customers. Bangaloreans have long embraced Lakeview as a hangout for casual foodies and serious connoisseurs, spanning generations.

ice cream parlours

5. Stoned Monkey 

If you need to Beat the heat? And around Banashankari, head over to Stoned Monkey right away. Renowned for serving ice cream and other snacks that are flavorful and wholesome. MULBERRY and MANGO ice cream are available. Delicious and a must-try! 

6. Naturals 

One of the must-visit ice cream parlours in Bangalore. 

Mangalore-based Kamaths owns the Indian ice cream brand Natural Ice Cream. Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath founded it and set up the first shop in Juhu, Vile Parle, Mumbai, in 1984. Authentic ice cream flavours like tender coconut, chikoo, kaju kismis, coffee walnut, etc., are provided.

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7. Cream Stone 

Remember the name “Cream Stone” whenever your heart yearns for indulgent ice creams. A small, cosy restaurant in JP Nagar’s street offers delicious ice cream and waffle options. You can’t stop after having one of their cup ice cream cones. The best thing you can do in the city is, drive to Cream Stone in the chilly Bengaluru weather and eat your favourite dessert.

8. Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Icecreams

Pabrai’s Fresh and Naturelle Ice Cream is a tiny ice cream shop serving some of the best ice creams indulged in nutritional quotients and their natural flavours. It has outlets in 3 different locations in the city. 

ice cream parlours

9. Apsara Ice Creams

An adorable small location provides a pleasurable experience with their mouth-watering ice creams. Here, a broad range of pure fruit ice creams is available. For a cooling experience during this sweltering summer, the location is ideal for hanging out with friends and family. 

Want to treat yourself with ice creams on a sunny/chill day? These are some of the ice cream parlours in Bangalore you should must visit. 

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