April 24, 2024

Experience These 11 High-Thrilling Wonderla Bangalore Rides 

Brace Yourself! Wonderla Bangalore rides will give you a high adrenaline rush on a perfect day out. Thirty kilometers south of Bengaluru, on Mysuru Road, close to Bidadi, is Wonderla. Over 60 exhilarating rides at Wonderla Bangalore, sprawled across 82 acres, provide amusement and excitement for people of all ages. It is the first amusement park in India to have a resort built inside of it because it also includes a resort.   

Apart from the high thrill rides, there are various other attractions like land rides, water rides, and kid’s rides in Wonderla. As an additional treat, after all the exploration, you can even stay at Wonderla.

In this article, let’s explore this famous amusement park in Bangalore. Here are some adventurous rides you should try! 

Get ready and fasten your seat belts! 

11 High Trill Wonderla Bangalore Rides

1. Tarantula 

Newly added High Thrill Wonderla Bangalore Rides. 

Opened in March 2022, it offers a thrilling experience that makes you feel like you’re being stung by a spider. The robotic arms continue to move up and down as you spin and swirl. 

tarantula wonderla

2. Recoil – One of the Most Popular Wonderla Bangalore Rides

The adventure of your life is guaranteed on this reverse roller coaster ride. The train moves up one ramp and hits 80 kmph in one second before encountering a “cobra roll” and a “loop” in the tracks, climbs the second ramp once more to a height of 40 m, and then repeats the entire process, but this time in reverse! 

wonderla bangalore rides

3. Equinox 

Riders encounter a variety of exhilarating forces while upside down 16 meters above the ground as the arm swings at a maximum speed of 70 kmph. 

4. Insanity 

This four-armed squid-like robot will drive you insane, turning, twisting, and swiveling in every direction. 

The challenge with Wonderla Bangalore rides is the suspense of not knowing when you’ll be dropped, twisted, or have the whole thing spin. 

5. Hurricane 

Want to know what it’s like to experience a hurricane? That’s impossible. The experience of riding this attraction at Wonderla Bangalore is comparable to being trapped in a whirlwind. 

wonderla bangalore rides
Source: bangaloreataglance

6. Y-scream

One of Wonderland’s craziest rides. The capsules rotate on their axes as the bow swings and rotate like a joint wheel, causing the passengers to scream. Inside the capsules, passengers are securely bound. 

7. Techno Jump  

Those ready for a bumpy ride on a rotating ride will be in for a ride with ups and downs.

8. Maverik 

Maverick is a ride that challenges convention, as its name suggests. It rotates, turns, and sways. It can turn. This 21-seater raft that is hinged to independently acting vertical columns at either end defies the laws of motion and velocity. You’ll scream for it to end while using it, but once you’ve finished, you’ll want to use it again. 

9. Drop Zone – One of the Must-Experience Wonderla Bangalore Rides

If bungee jumping is your thing, here’s something equally thrilling. Drop Zone lifts you to a dizzying height of 17 meters while safely sitting around a vertical column, then lets you fall. Your day-long tolerance for free fall.

recoil ride wonderla

10. Wonderla Bamba 

Thrilling enough to raise one’s heart rate. You travel up and down on this Wonderla Bangalore ride in both circular and anticlockwise directions, with unexpectedly quick accelerations and sharp dips from a height.

11. Flash Tower 

Flash tower is a shoot-up and drop-down tower over 40 meters tall. Undoubtedly, the free fall to the ground results in an adrenaline boost. 

Which of these Wonderla Bangalore rides is your favorite? 

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