April 25, 2024

12 Kannada Words For Beginners To Get Started in Bengaluru! 

The first thing you will search on the net if you are moving to Bengaluru or as soon as you land here is “basic Kannada words for beginners,” right? 

Moving to a new place is one of the hardest things to do. Feeling confident in your surroundings can make all the difference. Being able to speak and learning some essential Kannada words will help and make you feel at home. Whether asking for directions or making new friends, it makes life easier. So kick start with our list of curated Kannada words for beginners. 

In Bangalore, Kannada is the native language. An attempt to learn the language will make you proud and get some brownie points among the native Bengalureans.

12 Kannada Words For Beginners

1. Hege Hogabeku – How to go? 

Let’s say you have to reach Brigade Road. There isn’t a phone for help! What to do? Easy. Ask a stranger for directions by saying, “brigade road hege hogabeku?” And someone kind will point you in the right direction. You can thank us afterward.

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2. Kodi – Give 

If at all you want to ask for the change from an auto driver – tell “change Kodi.” Imagine you went to the bank but didn’t bring your pen. Not to worry. Just ask, “pen kodi.” That’s it! Remember it; it could be your favorite word among the list of Kannada words for beginners. 

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3. Yen Guru Yen Samachara – What’s up? 

It is one of the most widely used phrases in Kannada. Say “Yen Guru Yen Samachar?” instead of “hello bro, what’s up?” Your local friends/colleagues will be impressed and help you learn the language. 

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4. Yenu – What

When someone speaks something you don’t understand, state this – “yenu.” It will prompt them to repeat it.

5. Oota Aitha? – Did You Eat?

The one phrase in India expresses affection and caring even more than “I love you.” Of course, we’re referring to a simple “Did you eat?” question. oota aitha? That is how you should pronounce it in Kannada. If somebody asks you this, reply, “aithu.” 

6. Nimma Hesarenu – What’s Your Name? 

It means “What’s your name?” and is one of the most common fundamental Kannada words for beginners. It is a great conversation starter too. 

7. Hegiddira – How Are You

This phrase, “How are you?” in Kannada, is the politeness of all common Kannada words for beginners. You can — and ought to — tell everyone this, from the guard at your home to your office boss.

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8. Banni – Come

It means “come.” If you call your friends for a party at your place, this word is a savior. All you need to say is “banni manege,” which means come home. 

9. Nalle – Tomorrow 

If your friend asks you to join us for a movie, but you have work to do, you can also say this. You can say nale hogana.

10. Yestu – How Much 

One of the most used Kannada words. This word will be handy while interacting with the neighborhood fruit and vegetable vendors. Additionally, while shopping too. So you have to remember it. 

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11. Illa – No 

This straightforward Kannada word has a wide range of uses. Say “illa” if you don’t need any more rice when the waiter asks. Are you having a relaxing Sunday afternoon? Say “illa” to all of your friends’ plans. Simple! 

12. Kannada Baruthe – I Know Kannada 

If people assume that you don’t know Kannada and they struggle/attempt to make you understand – say Kannada baruthe to make it easy. 

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