July 12, 2024

7 Best Organic Stores in Bangalore for Those Seeking Healthy Foods

Are you looking for the best organic stores in Bangalore

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

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Bengaluru is a home for people from diverse communities. With the rise of a broad view of lifestyle, people in Bengaluru are becoming more health-conscious. People are becoming more conscious about their diets and lifestyle, and they are willing to pay extra bucks to adopt a healthy living. 

You’ll be happy to know that numerous sources of healthy foods are available. The list below mentions seven of the best organic grocery stores in Bangalore to try. 

1. Svastya Organic Farms – A Must Try Organic Store in Namma Bangalore

Looking for food products that are traditionally inspired, wholesome and natural? 

Head right away to this store, present both online and offline. Svastya Organic Farms’ motto is ‘Say no to chemicals – Go Natural.’

They believe in ‘Rishi Kehti’ – Natural Farming based on the ancient Vedic principles of farming like, use of cow dung and herbs for controlling pests and promoting the growth of plants. The idea is to let nature play a prominent role to the maximum extent possible. 

You can find Full moon ghee, cultured ghee, desi A2 cow ghee, and cold-pressed oils. In addition to this, you can shop their range of organic products such as medicinal herbs, millets, fruits, vegetables, dal, pulses, wellness, and personal care products. 

Check out their website here – Svastya Organic Farms

Call At – 91-7676335779

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Source: Instagram/@svastyaorganicfarms

2. Organic Mandya 

Organic Mandya is a network of stores that buy fresh and organic products from small farmers. One can find millet-based snacks, bamboo rice, Himalayan salt, desi cow, and buffalo ghee at Organic Mandya. If you have no time to visit physically, you can also order them online and deliver them to your home. All of their products are from their brand. 

3. Namdhari’s – One of the Best Organic and Grocery Chain of Stores in Bangalore

This supermarket provides a large selection of fresh organic products, such as vegetables and fruits. You’ll also find nuts, seeds, and superfoods for your healthy diet here. Pick up some healthy snacks while you’re shopping. Namdhari’s has its store in most of the prominent areas of Bangalore. 

4. Simply Organic

You can find rice, various millets, fruits, vegetables, species, and flour. In addition to this, Simply Organics offers a range of health products, like capsules and energy drinks. All are organically grown in India. Don’t forget to try out their juices. 

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5. The Organic World

Organic World is a one-stop store for everything organic so that you will find apparel, decor, bath and body care, gardening tools, and even toys for kids at this store apart from your usual groceries. Please go check them out. 

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Source: Fb/theorganicworldindia

6. Arogya Organic

Arogya Organic, the city’s organic store chain, has everything you need to sustain your healthy, conscious lifestyle. They sell millets, fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, different varieties of rice, and A2 organic milk and milk products. 

In addition to this, you can find breakfast cereals, baked chips, juices, preserves and jams, dips and chutneys, honey, jaggery, and dried fruit. 

You can order online and visit their stores at Banashankari and Bannerghatta Road. 

7. Grameena Angadi 

Are you looking for organic and fair trade products in Jayanagar?

Look no further than Grameena Angadi in Jayanagar. The products sold in the store are from local communities and businesses. You can also buy organic vegetables and fruits. In addition to this, check out their sustainable fabrics. They stock up on home essentials, bath and body care, cosmetics, and fresh produce like banana stems and flowers.

Happy and healthy living!

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