June 20, 2024

13 Beautiful Places Of Karnataka You Must Visit Before You Die

The state of Karnataka is a land of beautiful places, from its coffee plantations to its wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, magnificent temples. In addition to this, unique cuisines, exciting wildlife, adventurous trekking trails – and this combination makes it a very attractive tourist destination. 

However, opting for lesser-known places is a way to explore beautiful places of Karnataka while experiencing unforgettable memories. So, instead of going to popular attractions and destinations, why not take a step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Here is the list of the top thirteen beautiful places of Karnataka that are lesser explored and offbeatyou must visit right away!

1. Maravanthe

Maravanthe is a beautiful village near Udupi, located on the coast. NH-66 runs next to the beach, and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road. Visitors have been captivated by its beauty and consider it one of Karnataka’s most beautiful beaches.

Marvante beach - Beautiful places of karnataka
Source: BHARATH V R/Youtube

2. Apsarakonda

Apsarkonda is an emerging tourist village with a beautiful coastline, 8 km from Honnavar bus stand and just 50kms from the second-highest plunge waterfall in India – The Jog Falls. Apsarākonda is derived from apsara (heavenly beauties) and Konda (pond).  This place may have once been a holy place for heavenly beauties, who would come here to purify themselves in its waters. This destination makes it one of the beautiful places of Karnataka, and add this place to your travel list. The Apsarakond waterfalls, Marine Park and the beach, are the places to see in this village. Monsoon season is the best to visit.

Beautiful places of karnataka
Source: mbhattarmakki17

3. Hebbe Falls

This Falls is one of the most visited falls in the Chikmagalur district. It has a height of 168 meters and provides an enigmatic experience to anyone who journeys towards it. The best time to visit is post-monsoon.

karnataka beautiful places
Source: Swarga Retreat

4. Gokarna

Located along the Karnataka-Goa border, Gokarna is a tropical paradise for beach lovers. The beautiful beaches and breathtaking temples are worth visiting if you are in Karnataka. However, travelers looking to escape somewhere remote yet tranquil will find it easy to relax.

Gokarna - Beautiful places of karnataka
Source: Karnataka Tourism

5. Agumbe – The Beautiful Place of Karnataka in Malenadu Region

Agumbe is a picturesque town situated in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. It contains a huge variety of landscapes, from gorgeous monsoon sights to numerous waterfalls. So if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to explore lush rain forests and gushing waterfall scenery? Agumbe is where you should be heading.

The cherapunji of south
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6. Sirsi

Sirsi is a small town situated near the foot of the Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Sirsi enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. As it rests at 1936 ft above sea level, it is no surprise that places nearby include lush mountains with colorful flowers and tiny streams. It also houses several ancient temples of worship, so it serves as one of the most important pilgrimage sites for devotees.

beautiful places of karnataka

7. Ottinene Secret Beach, Byndoor

Located off NH17 (new no 66) between Byndoor and Bhatkal, Ottinene is maintained by the forest department. Imagine having the opportunity to go for a walk on a beautiful beach where one can take in the salty sea air and listen to the waves roll in. There you are, sitting by yourself on the beach; if this is how you plan to spend your weekend, then this is the place.

The secret beach - beautiful places of karnataka
Source: thearbitblog

8. Mullayanagiri

The Beautiful Place of Karnataka for Trekkers

A paradise for trekkers, and in addition to this, it’s the highest peak in Karnataka. Mullayanagiri is part of Baba Budangiri hills in Chikmagalur taluk. It rises to 6,330 ft and derives its name from a Mulappa Swamy tomb at the once heavily worshiped summit. You get to explore the caves at the top of the hill. The best time you should visit is during the winter. This place will be heaven for sure.

9. Badami – The Heritage City

The ancient city of Badami, formerly called Vatapi, is located in India’s Bagalkot district of North Karnataka.  This place is quite popular for its cave temples cut out of sandstone rocks surrounding Agastya Lake. It is a popular spot for those who love to explore and discover hidden treasures.

beautiful places of karnataka
Source: commons.wikimedia

10. Karwar

Beaches, trekking, fort, water sports, hidden islands and a bit to learn about the Indian navy and their services. Isn’t this looks like a perfect destination for your upcoming trip? 

Popularly known as The Kashmir of Karnatak quoted by Late. Shri Rabindranath Tagore, this city is in Uttara Kannada district.

Source: Metrosaga

11. Dandeli

Located along with the River Kali in Karnataka, draws many tourists annually for its abundant wildlife, scenic landscape and thrilling adventures in the wilderness. Dandeli is also listed in Top Water Rafting Destinations in India, one of the top white Water Rafting destinations. Sathodi Falls are interesting attractions that are located in Dandeli, as are Syntheri Rocks. The best time to visit this land is October – May. Avoid in summers.

white water river rafting
Source: Dandeli

12. Kyatanamakki Hill Station – One of the Most Scenic & Beautiful Places of Namma Karnataka

Looking to spend time in nature and experience the offroading adventure? 

Then this is the place you should head to without thinking twice.

The Hill Station is located in Horanadu, near Kalasa. Kyatanamakki off-road route 4×4 jeep ride takes riders on a thrilling adventure through some of the most beautiful forests and scenery Karnataka offers. On this route, you will enjoy some breathtaking mountain paths, magnificent views and wildlife. This place is very picturesque, with a soothing climate that makes it ideal for outdoor sports like trekking, hiking which keeps your adrenaline high. 

Source: chikkamagalurustays

13. Kalasa – The Temple Town of Karnataka

One of the beautiful places of Karnataka

Kalasa is located in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. The region contains plenty of stunning views, historic sites. It is generally a perfect getaway for travelers who are looking to enjoy both nature’s beauty as well as their spirituality. Now, you will be able to visit this perfect temple town just about any time of year!

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temple town of karnataka
Source: Kiran L/Youtube

Pack your bags & get ready. Its the best time to visit some of the places mentioned above.

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