May 24, 2024

8 Most Beautiful locations of Coastal Karnataka that People Visit! 

Karnataka is one of the most beautiful states in India. The gorgeous beaches and iconic destinations of scenic coastal Karnataka are the best-kept secret and waiting to be discovered by you! 

Coastal Karnataka has plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure, whether you’re looking to hike, beautiful waterfalls, temples, or relax on the beach with a book in hand. 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Coastal Karnataka is its beautiful beaches. Imagine standing at the ocean’s edge and looking up into an open sky; it’s easy to feel small. 

Get ready to get lost in the endless blue with a gentle breeze. 

8 Most Beautiful locations of Coastal Karnataka

1. Mangaluru – The Port City of Coastal Karnataka

The city has everything you need to relax and recharge, from gorgeous coastlines and mouth-watering food to a rich culture that is all it’s own. Here are the must-visit places in the city of coastal Karnataka. Cashew nut factory, Kadri Manjunatha Temple, Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple, Must try the seafood at Shetty lunch home, Tannirbhavi Beach, and ice-cream at Pabba’s.

Coastal Karnataka

2. Udupi

The Temple City of Coastal Karnataka. 

The most populous destinations in Udupi are the temples – Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Anantheshwara Temple, St. Mary’s Island, Malpe Beach, Kapu Beach. One must try out Masala Dose at Mitra Samaj. 

Do not miss the Yakshagana performance in Udupi. It’s an incredible experience!

3. Varanga – You’ll find the most picturesque Jain Temple of Coastal Karnataka

The small village Varanga is a haven for those looking for peace, quiet, and beauty. Home to two ancient Jain temples, the Kere Basadi and the Neminath Basadi. This place is around 40km from Udupi. 

Kere basadi

4. Gokarna

Nature’s Paradise of Coastal Karnataka

Gokarna is India’s nature’s paradise, a peaceful beach town perfect for the holidays. It’s an alternative to Goa, the coastal city known for its beaches and temple. Gokarna is well-known for its natural beauty and offers adventurous and thrilling activities. Few famous beaches here – Om beach, Kudle beach, Paradise beach, Half-moon beach. 

Gokarna is also a sacred pilgrimage site with Mahabaleshwara Temple, which houses Atmalingam and attracts people worldwide.

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5. Kumta

Gokarna is a coastal town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It has beautiful beaches and is a less explored place. The city is less commercialized and has fewer tourists, so it’ll feel like you’re on your private island.  

Coastal Karnataka - kumta

6. Murudeshwara 

This town of Coastal Karnataka is home to Lord Shiva’s statue – The World’s second-largest. 

Murudeshwar Temple is one of the most iconic temples of the state, drawing thousands of devotees every year. The Mirjan Fort, The Statue Park, Netrani Island, and Murudeshwar Beach are among the most visited tourist spots.

Coastal Karnataka

7. Karwar

Karwar is a city in Karnataka known for its pristine coastline and authentic cuisine. The Kali River flows here and meets the Arabian Sea, making it a popular spot for those who love peaceful landscapes and religious temples.

One of the best-known temples in Karwar is Naganatha Temple.

8. Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe lies on National Highway 66 and is a favorite spot for tourists and local people alike to relax and observe the wonders of nature. It has picturesque Kodachadri Hills forming a backdrop and Sauparnika River on one side, with the Arabian Sea on the other.

marwanthe beach

Plan your trip to enjoy and create memories for a lifetime. A perfect place for the holiday with friends, family, and nature lovers.

Happy traveling!

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