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12 Iconic & Beautiful Hampi Temples That One Must Visit

Hampi – The UNESCO World Heritage. You may be confused about what temples to see and whatnot when you visit this place. This article curates the most iconic and beautiful Hampi temples that should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

Hampi is one of the most picturesque and beautiful historical places in India. The historical ruins of Hampi are breathtaking, there are many ruins across the river.

1. Vijaya Vittala Temple

One of the historic and attractive Hampi temples, known for its architecture and the famous stone chariot, is located in Hampi. Even on the new 50/- rupee denomination, the same stone chariot can be seen.

The chariot is a shrine dedicated to the holy bird, Garuda—Lord Vishnu’s carrier. The temple’s musical pillars are a popular highlight. Yes, it surprises you! 

Hampi temples

2. Virupaksha Temple – A Hampi Temple Filled with Mystery

The Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, dedicated to the god Shiva, is known for its unusual architectural style. The temple’s back wall contains a secret chamber in which an inverted shadow of the temple’s gopura, the main entrance gate, is etched.

3. Anjanadri Betta – Birthplace of Lord Hanuman – One of the Must Visit Hampi Temples

Famous as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, the hill is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees. About 5 km from the historical site of Hampi is the Anjanadri Betta.

hampi temples

Here are a few interesting facts about the Anjanadri hill –

4. Monolith Nandi of Hampi

The temple of Nandi, Shiva’s sacred bull, is a popular attraction. The statue of Nandi sits in a small temple opposite the Virupaksha Temple on the other side of the road. The bull faces its master, Lord Shiva.

5. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

The Lakshmi Narasimha statue is an impressive monument located near Hemakuta hill.

You get to see one of the ferocious avatars of Lord Vishnu – Narasimha(The man-lion). 

The temple’s name, “Lakshmi Narasimha”, comes from the fact that once sat on the deity’s lap a small statue of Goddess Lakshmi.

narasimha temple hampi

6. Badavi Linga Temple

The Monolithic Shiva Linga, which reaches a height of 9 feet, water surrounds it on all sides.

7. Hazara Rama Temple – A Hampi Temple Dedicated to Lord Rama

Hazara Ram Temple at Hampi is one of the most elegant temples in the region. It is also a lesser-visited site. This temple worships a Hindu deity, Ram. Thousands of images of Lord Rama are present here.

Situated in the royal quarters of Hampi and said to have been the private temple and a place of worship for the royal family.

8. The Underground Shiva Temple 

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Situated several meters below ground, the temple is unique because it is the only underground temple in Hampi. The temple remains flooded for most of the rainy season, from May to July.

Credits – Dineshkannambadi

9. Sasivekalu & Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple

There are two giant monolithic statues of Lord Ganesha.

10. Hemakuta Group of Temples

A cluster of Hampi temples, with a different architectural style from the rest of the city’s temples, are from its pre-Vijayanagara era. Behind the Virupaksha Temple is a Hemakuta hill with 35 small Shiva temples.

Hemakuta Hill is home to an abundance of picture-perfect, four-pillared mandapas. Perfect for visiting right before the sunset to the stunning view. 

hampi temples

11. Achyutaraya Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Tiruvengalanatha, Achyuta Deva Raya, is the king who built this temple. Achyutaraya Hampi temple is located between the Gandhamadhana and Matanga hills, hidden from view.

12. Pattabhirama Temple – One of the Least Visited Hampi Temples

Pattabhirama Temple is a massive building, one of the many architectural marvels in Hampi. This Hampi temple is one of the city’s unexplored attractions; A little away from the main historical center. The main temple is a splendid piece similar to the Vijaya Vittala Hampi temple.

A traveler’s tip – Always begin a day of Hampi temple-hopping with a visit to the Virupaksha Temple .

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