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18 Kannada Movies That Deserve a Sequel ASAP

The art of film making especially the sequels is quite a tough task for the writers. If a movie is a hit, then for sure the sequel of that movie will be planned. Kannada movies also deserve a sequel, but there should be some kind of element that leaves the audience curious.

Furthermore, that curiosity will act as a substance to bring the audiences back. For instance, in KGF – Chapter 1 the movie ends with this line “This is still the first chapter… The story is yet to begin“.

To summarize, sequels may continue with the elements of the original story. Likewise may utilize the original characters or even introduce the new characters.

If the sequels are to be made by the filmmakers in Kannada Film Industry, Here are the Kannada movies that deserve a sequel ASAP.

Here is a list of movies that deserves a sequel.

18 Kannada Movies That Deserves a Sequel ASAP

1. Ugramm

This movie ends with the clash between the friends Bala and Agastya. The unfinished dispute between them may be a perfect plot for the sequel.

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2. Navagraha

A heist movie especially with the main character Jaggi alive. The movie ends on a note “Raja agbek antha ase edre, Rajya na gelo thakatu erbek. Yudha madoke antha
ninth mele sainikar lekka akbardhu

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3. Gaalipata

The story revolves around 3 bachelor friends. Undoubtedly the perfect plot for a sequel. The movie was out as a franchise with the movie name. Well, there was an mixed response for the Gaalipata 2.

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4. Jackie

Action-packed thriller movie. The protagonist closely works with the cops in order to search for a couple. Later also ends up closing the case of a woman trafficker.

This plot can be used to make a sequel.

One of the Best Among the Kannada Movies

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5. Kedasampige

By the way, director Soori has announced a prequel as well as a sequel to this movie. This sounds interesting right?. This movie was the sequel to Kaage Bangara which yet to be released.


6. Kaddipudi

The movie ends on a note where a small boy decides to take revenge and also heads out to finish the protagonist.

Perfect plot for a sequel.


7. Tagaru

Another movie under the direction of Soori. An encounter specialist who takes an oath to eradicate the criminals. The character Shiva itself can be a plot for the sequel.

shivaanas tagaru

8. Bachchan

An action physiological thriller movie by Shashank. Usually, this genre offers a lot to explore with the protagonist. Therefore we all expect a sequel for this movie.

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Next up the list

9. Karvva

10. Neerdose

An adult comedy which impresses the audiences with the witty dialogues. Especially Jaggesh with his screen presence. However, an attempt to make its sequel will never be a bad idea.

11. Shivalinga

The protagonist plays a CID officer. This character has huge scope to develop a sequel. The makers also have a announced the sequel for this movie.

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12. Googly

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13. Operation Alamelamma

This genre is rare in KFI. A suspense comedy thriller.

14. Mufti

The sequel for Mufti has already been announced. Also, the makers are interested to take forward the character ‘Bhairathi Ranagal’. Moreover, this role played by Shivarajkumar will remain unforgettable among the movie buffs.

15. Humble Politician Nograj

A crazy politician who exploits a city and its resources. We all have enjoyed the movie to the core, especially Danish Sait portraying as Nograj. Moreover, we deserve much more satire and a laugh riot from the team.

humble politician nograj

16. Gultoo


17. Ulidavaru Kandante

A incident and different perspectives from different people. In conclusion, a perfect for as many as sequels. Infact, Rakshith sheety has announced a squel and prequel to this name Richard Anthony. It is one of the upcoming moviess of Hombale Films.

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18. Bell Bottom

Set in the 1980s, a detective gets his first opportunity to solve heist cases at different location which are interlinked. Most importantly this movie is a blockbuster and audiences would love to watch a sequel.

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In conclusion, all the movie buffs would love to see the sequel to the above movies mentioned.

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